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Professional Spiritual Consultant

A lot of changes have been happening during this year and a couple of them are work related. My spiritual business has expanded!

All my life, children, and people of all ages have consciously or unconsciously been coming to me for healing. My name Olga actually means Holy/Healing.

In 2015 I started my tarot journey. Initially I did this because I had been interested in symbolism, mythology, archetypes, astrology (with which I grew up because of my mother), numerology, elements etc. And I found out that Tarot is like an umbrella of it all.. it seemed like the perfect study! To enrich my knowledge and boost my growth in my (spiritual) life and evolution. And it is a huge inspiration for my art.

In 2016 tarot turned out to be a great healing tool for me. Together with the healing power of nature, tarot helped me to heal myself from Ptsd, burnout and depression.

These are three major reasons why I started to do professional spiritual work and offer my tarot readings to friends and clients through my social media and my website. After studying the tarot for 6 years and going through my personal healing journey I now have been selling my readings for 2 years. And,

I am now working as a spiritual consultant on 3 paranormal hotlines!



As you might have noticed these websites are in dutch, this is because I live in the Netherlands. These services are now only available for people in The NL. Let me know if you are located elsewhere and are interested in a spiritual consultation call and I see what I can do.

So for a month and a half now I have been doing these live spiritual calls and it has been extremely satisfying!

click on the links to check out my profiles and read more about the specifics of what I offer and can do for you.

Stay on the lookout to see when I’m online.

You can also schedule a call-appointment!

I will look into a schedule/availability app or something but for now it works the best if you hit me up on my Instagram: @olnuzola and send me a private message.

The consult call pricing above are from ParaAdvice and Parafuture. Paravisie works with credits.

Ofcourse I still offer your Personal Tarot reading videos on my shop right here:

I’m looking forward in diving into your journey with you and offer inspiration, insights, healing, confirmation and guidance or just to offer you a listening ear so you can lighten your heart and clear your mind.

✨ Love frequency and Blessings! ✨

Olga Olnuzola Nunnink

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