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Healing Arts

Travel and explore through paintings and cards.


Olga (meaning Healing/Holy) offers Tarot Readings and other types of Spiritual Consults to her clients to help them (re)gain IN-Sight in their situation so that they can move forward inspired and healthy towards their goals in life!


The work of autodidact dutch artist Olga Olnuzola Nunnink is known for feminine eclectic authenticity. Timeless, trauma and healing, nature, cultural and esoteric symbolism that activates contemplation. 

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Pre-recorded or Live Video Call Tarot & Oracle readings and other Magical  Services!

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Expansion in my Spiritual Business!

I am now a professional Spiritual Consultant, read about it here:


Angela M.

Thankyou!! This was a very beautiful and healing reading. The cards/decks chosen were perfect. Your sweet presence, lovely voice and heartfelt messages were just so beautiful and perfect and needed.. How amazing you picked uo on the 'breath' .. yes this happens.. Yes it is true .. How wonderful and beautiful this reading was!? Thank you dearly for giving this to me <3


Olga heeft me een fijne Reading gegeven. Ze weet veel over de elementen, vuur/water/aarde etc en heeft uitgelegd over vrouwelijke en mannelijke energie en de balans hierin. ( yin Yang) ik heb het als interessant ervaren en heb het gevoel dat Olga met veel passie werkt. Dank je wel ♥️


OMGGGG It's so on point dit, Ja sorry raak er echt van geraakt want het klopt zo erg he. Echt alles valt als een puzzel. Kan uren door praten. Maar ik ga even aan de slag met wat je zei die wortel cantra ofzo.. 

Divine Offers

My Feminine Magical Healing Energy is here for you GoddesS! 

Red Ibis
Starry Sky

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Olga Olnuzola Nunnink

Beverwijk, Nederland

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