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Olnuzola Spiritueel Adviseur

💌📜✨Email Advies

(Uiteraard in het Nederlands voor Nederlandse klanten!)

💌📜 If you prefer to receive your messages and guidance through text, this email consult is the best choice for you!

Tarot reading ⭐️Photo Reading ⭐️Spiritual Advice about specific Topic.


You can ask me up to 3 questions and send me a photo if needed.

(Send the photo to my email after your purchase and put as topic: 🔮EMAILCONSULT). please read disclaimer below at the Terms and Condition section.




- Pretty Cheap

- Privacy (no matter when and where you are, you can read this email consult/guidance/reading Anywhere and Anytime in private).

- Deeper and Clearer (when I do this reading for you I am not time bound and I can dig deeper in receiving the message and take my time to translate this to you in the best way for you to receive.)

- Extra info (I can when needed instead of, or as an adding to tarot, give you tips and advice about things you can incorporate into your daily live such as chakra healing, goddesses/symbols to work with and rituals to use for your healing and growth.

- Reminder and manifesting tool (you can print it out and use it for your journal or moodboard).


3 subject/questions fit for tarot reading EXAMPLES:

💜 Past insight - Present insight - Future

💜 Shadow - Path - Light

💜 Not to this - Subject - Do this

💜 You - Relationship - Person

💜 Strengths - Weaknesses - Advice

💜 Dreams - Fears - Reality

💜 Remember - Be Aware Of - Let go

💜Opportunities - Challenges - Outcome

  • Product information

    Your Privacy will always be protected.

    You will recieve the reading within 5 workdays in email form.


  • Terms and Conditions

    By ordering any of my products, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions.

    My readings are for guidance, healing and entertainment purposes only. My messages are only here to spark insight and bring your own knowing to the surface of your consciousness . I do not ‘predict’ the future, because the future is not set in stone. I do receive information about what might be coming your way but you should realize that it is your own resposibility how you interpret my readings and only you decide how to use them and what to do with it. I will remind you of this, of your power ;) in your reading. 

    • note that I do have ethical standards and boundaries in my work. I do not comply with conversations about sex (for the purpose of sexual pleasures or fetish), predictions about death or pregnancy. In cases of severe mental disorder I might give reference to another professional which is specialized in treating and or healing the specific disorder. 

    All personal information you provide me with will be in private and stay private and I will not share these with third parties.

    Once a reading is completed, there are no refunds.

    ❗️disclaimer about sending a direct email to my email. I will not respond with more advice. I will only answer questions about my services and products. If you have purchased and received my consult and you have more questions, you can receive answers and messages after purchasing a new consult. 

€ 22,22Prijs
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