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Olnuzola’s Moon Merch available now!

Due to some requests I decided to restock some graphic Moon designs on my Society6 page! I re-uploaded better quality files so the designs do not have the black border anymore. I am planning to make more designs for merchandise, since fall is upon us, cosy up on the couch with my herbal tea blends and my iPencil seems like a good idea when the days get colder and darker.

Printscreen of one of my monthly moon tarot readings on YT where I show my customized LunaWise T-shirt!

I like working with this website because it saves a lot of time for me since they take care of printing and delivery. My designs can be printed on a whole bunch of different merchandise items. A few examples such as phone cases, totebags and T-shirts are shown below:

Home decoration and Stickers!

All my work is available for all genders, however these moon designs I specifically made for women. Unfortunately Society6 does not show a female model on the hoody examples.

Below I share a video of my Youtube channel where I talk about the connection women have with the moon and why to me it is so important that we re-connect, stay connected and above all, are aware of and understand our connection with the moon! Women Move With the Moon!

Order your favorite item now! >>> Society6/Olnuzola <<<

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