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Free readings for the Chosen ones.

🤲🏼 Welcome (back) sweetheart! First of all ..

You decide for your self if you are a chosen one!

I trust that all my messages will arrive at those to whom they are meant for at the right moment in time. The term the chosen one holds a certain value and vibration that triggers recognition to those it is meant for. It is in itself a portal, that guides you on your path.

Lately I have been more active again on my Youtube Channel 📺 and my videos have changed a little bit as I tune into my natural flow of life and expression of it.

As I feel the need to embody the sacred feminine on a deeper level once again I practice Grace and Flow and let myself take the moments I have to spend time on my spiritual life and simultaneously share it with you.

We tend to say that 'we don't have the time' but we do háve the time, at least more than we think! It is just a matter of rescheduling our agenda's and also let go of expectations and perfectionism.

So what I do is, at the moments I do have, (for example when my baby is sleeping) I create, I improvise. I sit down and slow down and reconnect to receive what is there for us to contemplate on and be inspired by. I sit down in front of my camera and invite the flow of divine wisdom, information that vibrates towards me from the Akasha, the collective subconscious. I speak My Oracle, and sometimes I shuffle and pull some cards to gain more insight which often presents wonderful synchronisms to us, which again empowers the messages and in doing so creates more trust and safety and guidance on our paths.

I'm sharing parts of my spiritual life, I'm loving my chakra's (especially my throat) and I'm giving to those who can not afford to buy a personal reading.

We are here to serve and help each other and as much as I do need to receive 〰️, also money, to provide for my family and myself (Which is a fair energy exchange since I have spend my whole life studying these subjects and continuing this on a daily base) 〰️ I will continue giving freely as well. This creates a beautiful balance for me. Ma'At ⚖️.

I invite you to visit my channel and watch my videos, subscribe if you haven't yet and feel free to leave me comments if things resonated with you.

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