The woman

My name is Olga 'Olnuzola' Nunnink. I am a Dutch woman born
in 1987 (Gemini) who is living her life in Amsterdam (Bijlmer). I am an allround visual artist and I mainly produce portraits- and free expression paintings. Since a few years I also do body-painting at several kinds of events. Next to this I do have a big interest in develop and express myself in different ways within the visual art in the near future. I make my art to express, develop and explore myself in the first place. Besides that I am a visual artist because I would like to be able to offer people and companies products which can be a positive adding to their lives/businesses.


My artistname, consist out of 3 parts.
1. Ol - the first two letters of my sur name Olga. OL, ALL
2. Nu - the first two letters of my last name Nunnink. NU, NEW
3. Zola - a foreign name that I discovered once and loved immediately and that has several meanings:
    - in Italian: Earth
    - in Zulu: Peaceful, tranquil
    - in Congolese: Productive

As I admire all things authentic, natural and real, and find a symbol of that in 'earth' I found this name suitable to add to Olnu and create my artist name Olnuzola.

The website is my second domain that I own and bought, AllRoundGyal was my previous and first, and before that I got hosted for years. I have been active in this online blogging world for somewhat like 5 years. And I have been enjoying designing and coding blog websites for all these years and developed my website from funky designed, strictly blog layouts, to a young adult, serious yet personal website where I expose the person and artist that I am. Here on I expose my Art portfolio, my Styling portfolio and share some of my other work, inspirations, thoughts and adventures in my blog.


For interest in my work, buying a painting, booking me as a stylist, or when you have another question for me, feel free to email me here, to





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Wordpress for making this blogging a lot easier
Bluehost for giving me such great hosting possibilities
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Me a little bit more in dept

expressionist in own ways, visual artist, crazy cat lady, floater & dreamer, thinker, ethnicity, loves everything authentic, balance & contrast, enjoys small real things, true gemini, women woman, self developer, autodidact, energies = my religion, sun-warmth is a must, living the goodlife + growth and responsibility, african-riddim in veins, loves road-trips freedom-ness, color & mood person