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Dear certain american people, please get aware of the fact that you guys are talking with a CRACK in your voice, which is not only an ugly sound that dominates your actual, beautiful, personal voice, but also is very annoying and BAD for your health! I was just checking out a video on and I could not even focus on what this girl was saying because of this annoying crack in her voice. A LOT of americans do this, mostly heard in the “And-then-I-was-like” scene and at the ends of their sentences.. whyyyyyy? Please stop! You are ruining your voice and your message!


A random Sunday.. Oh no.. Thursday!

So today feels like a lazy sunday..
I haven’t even fixed up my make-up.. and I’m enjoying the lazy-ness

I was checking out Kesh her blog.. and I wondered why I haven’t been making photographes for a while?
cause like last year.. I was makin mad pictures of almost everywhere I went.. and I miss it
but the answer to that question is so easy.. My camera is near broken.. It’s my own fault
I took it to the beach once.. and after that day..every time I try to turn it on.. You hear this cracky sound
and sometimes I get errors .. :(

About two weeks I will be enjoying my 4th day in Japan! ..and I NEED a camera..
I think I’m going to buy a new one..

btw the vintages arrived this week! I love em!
the Karl Lagerfelds are too small :'( I never have shoes that are too small for my feet..
I’m wearing size 5,5/ 37 .. I CAN wear em.. for a few minutes :P mayby I will just be using them for a shoot,
and then sell em.. they are so so beautifull ..!

but oh well c’est la vie hein ..

Now I’m going to continue my ee-zee day and check out what I got so far for the two upcoming shoots
where I will be doing the styling for..and mayby customize/make a skirt for it.. and brainstorm about the journey
called life which I love so much..