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“Untitled, self portrait”

“Untitled, Self Portrait”

60×72 acrylic on wood

© Olnuzola


exposed during Museumnacht Amsterdam 2013 / Heesternacht Amsterdam Zuidoost



Untitled, woman at the roadside

“Untitled, woman sitting in room”

“Untitled, woman behind window”

“Inner Peace In The Chaos”

Nog een gouwe ouwe.. waarom zo laat? lees het hier: Goldie Oldie

“Inner Peace In The Chaos”

40×50 acrylics on canvas

© Olnuzola


exposed during ‘Museumnacht Amsterdam’ 2013 / ‘Heesternacht’ ‘Life @ HV’Amsterdam Zuidoost

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Rad Van Fortuin – Levenswiel

Dit doek heb ik geschilderd voor Amier Papier en Moksie Meppie‘s pre-release van hun album Rad Van Fortuin. Zij vroegen een aantal kunstenaars iets te maken bij 1 van de nummers van het album, en wilden graag dat ik het titel-nummer zou gebruiken. “Rad Van Fortuin” dus, Amier omschrijft in dit nummer o.a. de ‘cirkels van het leven’ en dit onderwerp vond ik dan ook erg geschikt om iets mee te doen.

Vandaar een ‘Levenswiel’ met daarin verschillende lagen waarin onder andere de elementen, zodiac, seizoenen, adinkra symbolen, dag, nacht, maanden, jaren, levensfases en levens zijn terug te vinden.


60×60 acrylic on canvas

© Olnuzola


exposed during Museumnacht Amsterdam 2013 / Rad Van Fortuin Expositie Amsterdam Zuidoost
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60×70 acrylic on canvas

© Olnuzola


exposed during Museumnacht Amsterdam 2013 / Heesternacht, Amsterdam ZuidOost

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Oldie Goldie

Dit doek heb ik in 2011 geschilderd en in 2012 ge-edit. Ik heb het niet eerder gepost, de reden zal zijn omdat ik geen geduld heb gehad om goede foto’s te maken en ze te uploaden. Ook omdat er elke keer wel weer iets vast loopt of het niet doet. Bovendien streef ik ernaar om mijn leven minder digitaal te leven. En nu enough bullshit talking..

Er zullen uitzonderingen bestaan, maar ik zal bij mijn meeste werk geen uitleg geven.
Beschouw dit als een stil gesprek, tussen mij/ mijn werk en jou de aanschouwer.

Je kunt er naar kijken en even andere zaken die normaal in je hoofd rondspoken vergeten. Je kunt er ook naar kijken en je afvragen wat voor gevoel je erbij krijgt en wat jij erin ziet.

Ik hoop in ieder geval dat je er van geniet.


60×70 acrylics on canvas

© Olnuzola 2012


Andy Denzler

A couple of months ago I ran into the work of Andy Denzler and wanted to post about it, but because of a lot things where/are going on in life I had forgotten about it. Today I saw his work on the net again, and here I am sharing it with you! I find this technique amazing! The fading make the images look so real in a way, as if it is an image out of a dream. Plus I find it very strong and recognizable.

I really love his work! Check him out here:

Atelyayende part 2

So yeah something like a month ago love and I had a good painting session at his studio. We had such a great time (as we do like almost always tho.. but alright this time again and this time hard!) we drank a little, we smoke a little, we painted a bunch.. we listened to music and we danced ..

I promised to post pictures later at this post. So here they are:

Sha’s housemate told me that she didn’t mind if there would come paint splatters on these walls.. So I laughed and said “Okayy” while saying that I made the brown large line in the feather.. After a little while I added the rest and made it a feahter.. Shamiro wrote “Wood” and I loved it. The next day the housemates wheren’t happy because they said the landlord won’t like it and they painted it over (a bit transparent tho) with white paint..

^first painting which I made another day tho.. on paperboard

^ first painting I made this day.. on canvas

^ second painting I made this day.. a bootyliscious lady

^ Shamiro’s painting.. “Retweet @ life, there’s no turning back” possible still in process..

then Shamiro turned Photobooth on on my macbookpro, and we had so much fun with the special effects.. here are just a few of the “shoot” cos we made so many! I was crying by laughter

November PinkModelPortrait

Dia de los Muertos!

Yesterday I met a friend of a good friend and the goodfriend of my boyfriend ..
The friend called Tineke has been organising parties for several years now.. and her party “Que Pasa” is moving to a new location: “The Sugar Factory” in Amsterdam. This upcoming friday “Que Pasa” will start at this new location with a special theme: “Dia de los Muertos!” translated from Spanish to English: “Day of the Dead”
a traditional and national holiday from the Mexicans where the people are focusing on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.

anyways.. we went sunday-chilling at her place..(with some good homemade mojitos!) and she asked us to make some paintings on jars of glass, which will be used to put little candles in and will be part of the decor for the party.

Ella, me and my love Sha.

Black bottle and transparant/rose/skull-jar are mine (:
People dressed for the holiday.

by Christopher Victorio

info about the party here


You where on your way ..
On your way to me ..
I unactivated some senses ..
I focused on us ..
I looked into my heart ..
and then my hands start to move ..
I looked up and I saw this ..

Elements-I Set

Just uploaded a picture of my latest painting called Floating Green Leafs to my Art Portfolio ..and now have a set of 2, called “Elements-I” ..
I’m planning to buy 2 more of these dope “3D-20×20 Canvases” and add the two other elements Water and Earth to my first real theme-set