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Bodypainting Pink Oculus

I bodypainted Pink Oculus for her new video Overdue (2:25) which was released recently! If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check it out! As I naturally support her ..I loved working together with my friend/ex-neighbor and above all fellow Queen! I strongly recommend to follow her and specially try to check her out on stage sometimes because this woman is for real for real!!

Check out her website:

Video is completely done by Bouba Dola, and dancers are Guillermo Blinker and Jomecia Oosterwolde.



Kadialy Kouyate


I want to share this with everybody.
This amazing woman.
She makes me cry often.
She gives me strength.

Fatoumata Diawara

I send love out to you!


Donna Donna so so |nsp|r|ng

Georgia Anne Muldrow – Sunset

Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides

Whoaa.. so warm.. so full of feel good. I was watching a youtube vid of this cute lady who was showing hair tutorials..and as the background music she added Thievery Corporation. And I loved it! So I browsed this band on youtube still ofcourse, and I love every track of them.. They also have a lot of dub tracks..

When I found this video, I instantly felt all summery, and I’m sooo looking forward to spring/summer.. I was talking about this with a friend yesterday, that I’m such a summer person.. and I do like Fall and Winter.. but every year at this time.. I long for summer seriously.. I just feel down and a bit depressed now and then and it’s no problem to put these feelings away and get back on track..but still it taking energy of me.. and I can’t wait to feel the sun warmth..and have the possibility to do more outside again… and travel and make roadtrips just like in this video.

feelgood Tunes

Full Crate – 80’s Sugar ft. Mar

WHoo Whoo WHoo!
this is too cute ..
my boys Narek, Franklin and Ingmar
aka Full Crate, FS Green and Mar..
are unstoppable!! :D:D
their new vid 80’s Sugar..
(that sounds like me.. sorry.. lol!)
love for u guys ..

Full Crate – 80’s Sugar ft. Mar from Full Crate on Vimeo.

Mixing Monthly Millionaires present:
Full Crate + Mar + FS Green in
80s Sugar ft. Mar (Prod. by Full Crate)

Directed by Eric 3000
Camera + Editing by Justus Engelbracht
Camera assist. + Grip by Patrick Ebu-Mordi
Styling by Mountainwood
Production by William P. Woodcole