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My Staircase expo during OpenArtRouteZo

And yep that’s my front door ..
Individual posts of every painting of this serie online soon!

‘Die Momenten’ (‘These Moments’) ..
‘Onafgemaakte Zaken’ (‘Unfinished Business’) installatie

© Olga Olnuzola Nunnink



Open Art Route ZO

Afrikadag / Africa at Night 17/11/12

For the official afterparty of Afrikadag (Africaday), ‘Africa At Night’ I was asked to expose some of my work in the ‘Sugar Factory’ in Amsterdam. Afrikadag is the biggest event in The Netherlands that is about Africa and international collaborations. It is a day full of different kind of performances like music, poetry, dance and lectures that all have the same goal: sharing knowledge and thoughts about Africa.

It was quite short notice that Christian Nana asked me to expose, and I really wanted to show new work here. I already made a portrait of Fela Kuti in 2011 and I was planning to make more portraits of him anyways. So when I only had one month to paint a serie for ‘Africa At Night’, I figured that would be the best thing to do. I made 7 paintings that month, 3 portraits of fela and 4 portraits of some of his queens. The best add I could give to Afrikadag!

It was a good night, friends showed up to support me, my mother was there!, I did some bodypaint on visitors, people where interested in my work (also two men from Lagos! Too bad I hadn’t had the time to decide proper prices for my paintings, or else I would’ve sold some, oh well.. next time! It’s such an amazing feeling to know that people are truly interested), saw several performances (music and comedy), there was african food and overall a really warm and good vibe!

Thanks Christian Nana!

I will soon make proper pictures of this selection of paintings and add them in the ‘art’ section of my website!