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From now on I write in mijn eigen taal

Hier even de mededeling dat ik voortaan, ik weet nog niet voor hoe lang, gewoon lekker in het Nederlands ga schrijven op mijn blog (op een paar sleutelwoorden misschien na). Want zoveel bezoekers heb ik volgens mij toch nog niet en dat gelul en vertaal in het engels ben ik een beetje zat.

If you want me to write in english, let me know, cause only then I know it is worth it to not write in my own language! lol




Photo by Chantal de Graaf

Heesternacht, our event during Museumnacht Amsterdam at our block Heesterveld Creative Community was a great succes!

I exposed work at two exhibitions (one of them in the picture above)

Stay tuned to see more!


Solar Festival Roermond 2013

Last weekend I joined the Poetry Circle Nowhere crew again doing a performing arts act and bodypainting at Solar Festival Roermond! There were several photographers that captured us, so stay tuned for the full story which I will post soon!

Here’s a preview of our rehearsal on the crewcampside.


Inspiration Network Radio

I was asked to be interviewed on Inspiration Network Radio a little while ago..
My interview is in the second part of the show and starts at 1:11:00!
Check it out here: (Dutch)

Read about me on their website (in english) here:


While googling myself I found a

Secondhandbookshop vs “The American Bookstore”

EDIT: wrote this on may 8, was still in draft and forgot to post:

Wow! So I just have to rant about this. I just checked out at work earlier since it was 1. Very quiet, 2. I just got my period and 3. We have an intern so we where with too many anyway. And I walked passed this second-hand bookstore called “Kok Boeken” in the ‘Oude Hoogstraat’ in Amsterdam. I have passed that store so many times and dreamed away in there display of old rare books but everytime it was already closed, because I also work in a store and we close at the same time. And when I’m free, I’m not going to the center to shop quite often.

So today I could finally peek into the paradise.. The smell was so warm and adventureous, I love it! The shop-assistants where very kind and helped me out/ showed me around (two floors) since I was looking for a specific genre for a friend of mine whos just as crazy about reading as I am. I spoke with two other customers and felt a really warm energy. I could have spend hours in that store but after I found 5 books that I truly wanted (no-crazy-shop-addiction-buy-buy-buy-chick! I truly wanted them) I figured I needed to go and pay for my found treasures and get out before I went really wild. Besides I still needed to do groceries. But I’ll surely be back!

Then after that I went to ‘The American Book Center’ on Spui, and what I experienced there was the total opposite! I came in and asked about this offer they had on ‘Moleskine’ journals, since I really needed to buy an agenda (I’m so hectic lately, I have my inner peace but I keep forgeting appoinments). And this shop-assistant looks at me without any kind smile in response to my smile at him, replying with things very short and grumpy. Various other customers in the store where getting on my nerves because of their loudness and after the shop-assistant in the ‘spiritual section’ helped me out very kindly though, I wanted to purchase my new angenda and nobody was behind the counter. So I waited a little while, and a line developed behind me. Nobody was coming, so I walked towards the first shop-assistant I saw and asked (with a smile) ‘Excuse me sir, is there possibly a colleaque of yours (he seemed busy with somebody else) that could help us at the counter please?’ He (it almost seemed as if he growled but that was probably only in my imagination that was created after seeing his facial expression) replied with ‘NO, ehdbjdiwhdndn (could not hear what he was saying)’ without even looking at me and he walked towards the counter. He probably was saying something like ‘no, I will go to the counter’ and so.. I checked out the agenda and left..

WTF!??? What a different worlds!!
This always annoy me soooo much, shop-assistants that act this way.. While I am being kind and polite towards them and while I even though I do not feel very well, am kind and polite to my customers at work all day 4/5 days in the week… Egh!

Well at least it inspired me to write on my blog again!

“Kok Boeken”

Papa Ghana – I Am An African

Heesterveld Houseparty @ Barbapapa #2

Last night we had our second house-party at my neighbor Marvin aka Barbapapa. One room redecorated as a mini club with great sound & lights, a smoking-lounge with all kinds of art hanging on the walls, a game-room with oldskool games and people were also chilling in the kitchen of course.

images of today Jan. 03 12

Old scan I found of one of my sketchbooks

can not get enough of the queens

Randoms on a sunday

So today it was an amazing sunny and comfortable autumn day.


So I sat in the backyard for several hours with a nice cup of Celestial Tea
(Tension Tamer). I love love love Celestial teas and unfortunately they only sell two

flavors in our supermarkets, I am seriously thinking about buying them online

And got back to this fantastic book: “The invention of mankind: a short history
of the world thinking about equality and cultural difference
” which I bought a couple of months ago. Written by Siep Stuurman a Dutch political scientist.


After that I played around with Instagram which I truly enjoy. Normally I am against these sort of things, because in my opinion these programs often screw up the quality of- and effort that (in this case) photographers put in ‘real’ photography. But this is just so amazing, the things you can do with it, so easily, so fast, with my iPhone, which I of course carry around always and everywhere. And so, can capture and create all kinds of things/ everything I want.


Gran Canaria 2011

I promised to post more pictures from my vacation in Gran Canaria, well here they are..

Stuff we did

Trip through hot mountains on Camels, when only slept for 1 hour, where we saw a real oase (which is still bloody hot)

Long days on 4 different beaches, sunbathing, swimming in high waves and still bay-sea-water

Going out for dinner, drinks and dances

Drove to the north of the island which is more cloudy and greener and where we found the capital city Las Palmas

I drove more than 5 hours through mountains that reached the clouds! and saw 3/4 different landscapes because of the mini-climates the island has

Went into the desert in the south, close to where our apartment was

Stept onto a cockroach with my bare foot and threw it (out of a glass) over the balcony while only wearing a thong 5.30 in the morning(Eeeeeeeeew!!)

Got so high in the mountains (by car) that we where able to see Tenerife

Back from Africa

Oh well officially it’s Europe.. but google Gran Canaria and you see it for yourself..
I am back.. and taking things chill this first week of working..

Next week I’m back blogging with my daily-posts-schedule ..

Here’s a little preview of my vacation pics

taking a little break

check my nose and my right eye (left on picture) messed up because of another cold

And a little break it is. I got a cold (again) and yesterday I went to the doctor and hospital for further research. I am having a chronicle-cold and it is driving me nuts. I don’t do anything strange or bad, I just get this cold again and again. So now I am just relaxing and waiting for the results so that I can do something about it. (Next to taking vitamine-pills, eating healthier, making sure I am not dressed to cold with this changeable weather, not going out that much and try to sleep better and I even started doing yoga, yes that’s all I was already doing to feel better!!) Anyways I am now not really feeling like blogging. Further this week or next week I’ll be back :)

Vintage book about cats

Personal birthday present from bestie Stephie. I totaly love this! I told her I am collecting more interesting books and then she bought me this vintage book about cats. As it was only for the amazing cover I would love it, but is has great photos and prints as well. The text is in french but that can help me getting back to remembering the french language as I used to speak it quite well for something like 8 years ago. I suspected she bought something about ethnic history, art or fashion, but she knows me so well and choose a book about cats ^^

Sunday randoms July 17th