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June 2015

Updates shouldn’t be complicated :)

I have been stepping up my crystal game.
Purchased new crystals, received more crystals (special thanks to Rafael), read more about crystals, and setting up a crystal healing program!.

I Participated in yet another version of Open Art Route ZO at my block Heesterveld Creative Community. During this event I exposed some new work in a group exhibition! “Studies, Free People” fiberpen on paper and oil on canvas. I shall upload proper pictures of them soon in the Art section!

Studio Kinematix added me into their Priceless Elements project. And last weekend they gave me this booklet with illustrations of me and the other artists (by Lucia Macari) with an usb-stick attached to it that contains the interviews which are sampled into a sort of collage song (by D.RIBA) of me and the other artists. I love it!!

And at last, I feel the need to repost this illustration of mine which I made a little while ago.. !IMPORTANT MESSAGE!

Good day to you!



Bodypainting Pink Oculus

I bodypainted Pink Oculus for her new video Overdue (2:25) which was released recently! If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check it out! As I naturally support her ..I loved working together with my friend/ex-neighbor and above all fellow Queen! I strongly recommend to follow her and specially try to check her out on stage sometimes because this woman is for real for real!!

Check out her website:

Video is completely done by Bouba Dola, and dancers are Guillermo Blinker and Jomecia Oosterwolde.



Edward James

Hoeveel plezier zou ik hebben van..

Deze kleedjes!

Op Etsy kwam ik laatst langs BazaarLiving. Een online winkel die Marokkaanse vintage vloerkleden en andere kleurrijke huisdecoratie items verkoopt. De zwartwit exemplaren vind ik ook heel vet maar check deze in kleur!

Want want want! De prijzen zijn het wel waard maar rijmen niet als uitgave met mijn geldpot.



Kadialy Kouyate


A while ago I was asked to do some facial art for a photoshoot of a locks-barber.
This young women Iris has such amazing locks herself and she knows how to treat them right!
If you have locks and you want them to give a fresh up, fix them if they went wrong, or if you are interested in transforming your regular hair into locks, she does it all! and good!
Check out some of the pictures and click the link below to visit her website.

Check out her website! IRIEDREADS.COM
Photography by J GOOD



As an adding to my last post about our performances on Solar Festival (August 3d&4th)

Video by Julian Van Buul from Bouwjaar84. Performance by Poetry Circle Nowhere & Bouwjaar84. Colored bodypaint on performers by me. And the first shot you see of the bodypainting: my Olnuzola logo :)

The amazing Cocoon show!

Cocoon @ Solar Weekend 2013 from Julian van Buul on Vimeo.

Poetry Circle Nowhere



I want to share this with everybody.
This amazing woman.
She makes me cry often.
She gives me strength.

Fatoumata Diawara

I send love out to you!


“Gentleladies of the H”

Marvin Tjen a Tak aka DJ Barbapapa

My new nextdoor neighbor and friend
Has been giving his living-room (actually more of his house, there’s a lounge & smoking-area too lol) rebuild as a small club. It was released during last NYE when we’d also organized a small party there and now that he has installed club lights as well it’s ready for the next (level) houseparty, somewhere in february I believe.

El Anatsui

El Anatsui born in Ghana (Ewe, 1944) makes art-installations out of small metal materials he finds in his environment like bottle caps, seals and wire and weaves this all together so that it creates ‘draped metal cloths'(“Gawu”, “metal-cloak”). These works are huge and really intrigue me..

Art grows out of each particular situation, and I believe that artists are better off working with whatever their environment throws up.

– El Anatsui, 200

images from metmuseum

Moitié Fait

“Elle nom est m.”

I have so much respect for this girl! I found her on lookbook a little while ago and today she blew me away with another amazing look (the Johnny Bravo one) and I checked out her blog. All her looks are amazing and so original, I love it! And I wanted to give her a little spotlight now.. Check her out! <3

Andy Denzler

A couple of months ago I ran into the work of Andy Denzler and wanted to post about it, but because of a lot things where/are going on in life I had forgotten about it. Today I saw his work on the net again, and here I am sharing it with you! I find this technique amazing! The fading make the images look so real in a way, as if it is an image out of a dream. Plus I find it very strong and recognizable.

I really love his work! Check him out here:

Kitty Joseph

Thai Matic

Mati Klarwein

His work is absolutely amazing! I think I have never seen work of another artist that spoke to me this much.

The work of Mati Klarwein reminds me of things that inspire me as well. Nature, people, their cultures and everything that comes with that: colors, patterns and moods. And also his affinity with africa. “I am only half German and only half Jewish with an Arab soul and a African heart” he quoted.

General Trix

Big up to my friend General Trix!

representing di reggae tunes from Amsterdam

Rough Lynx records, Produced By Ante Lynx

His first video from his upcoming album (Sept. 2011) Green Light

His first single now free to download by clicking the cover^

Check his website out here

Claudio & De krentenkoning = Claudius

I wanted to post this way earlier, but I had some problems with finding a good audio-player for WordPress. Now that I did (thank you Todd Iceton ) I could finaly represent music.

So I wanted to give some spotlight to a good friend of mine Claudio Ritfeld

Claudio & De krentenkoning = Claudius

Speaks words, as in is also a spoken-word artist
aka is a performer
and artist
and a stage man that does not brag but is truly sharing his thoughts, realness
I support that!

make yourself a cup of tea, get in a comfortable chair and listen to his first ep (dutch&english):


Verboden Verbinding
Intensive Care
Meneer De Beest
Save My Fire

Check, bookmark and follow his blogspot: !!!!

From me to you by Jamie

From me to you

That’s what the photography tumblr blog of Jamie (could not find her last name) from NYC. I found her through someone elses blog, and I truly enjoy to browse through her photography-posts. And adore the way she captures scenes. And what intrigued me the most where her video-pictures:

Check it out! You will love it