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June 2015

Updates shouldn’t be complicated :)

I have been stepping up my crystal game.
Purchased new crystals, received more crystals (special thanks to Rafael), read more about crystals, and setting up a crystal healing program!.

I Participated in yet another version of Open Art Route ZO at my block Heesterveld Creative Community. During this event I exposed some new work in a group exhibition! “Studies, Free People” fiberpen on paper and oil on canvas. I shall upload proper pictures of them soon in the Art section!

Studio Kinematix added me into their Priceless Elements project. And last weekend they gave me this booklet with illustrations of me and the other artists (by Lucia Macari) with an usb-stick attached to it that contains the interviews which are sampled into a sort of collage song (by D.RIBA) of me and the other artists. I love it!!

And at last, I feel the need to repost this illustration of mine which I made a little while ago.. !IMPORTANT MESSAGE!

Good day to you!



My world of today


Random Thoughts Share

Dear certain american people, please get aware of the fact that you guys are talking with a CRACK in your voice, which is not only an ugly sound that dominates your actual, beautiful, personal voice, but also is very annoying and BAD for your health! I was just checking out a video on and I could not even focus on what this girl was saying because of this annoying crack in her voice. A LOT of americans do this, mostly heard in the “And-then-I-was-like” scene and at the ends of their sentences.. whyyyyyy? Please stop! You are ruining your voice and your message!


Wij Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink

Wij Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink schilderen wat ik wil en soms wat zelf wilt. Dat wil zeggen, in onze schilderijen kun je kanten van beiden ontdekken. Het is een persoonlijke zoektocht naar mijn Ik en naar mijn Zelf. Realistische portretten, Non-realistische portretten, Zelf-portretten, Vrouw-figuren met kleurrijke, rustige of zwoele of juist chaotische of droevige werelden, symbolen en patronen, wazige impressies van.. Ja van wat eigelijk? Onderwerpen die mij raken? Personen die mij intrigeren? Bewust, onbewust, of allebei?


Yes please

Getting back to updating- and keeping my site updated!

Just added some new work to my art portfolio (link “ART” can be find above)
Soon more!

dec 23 11

in mind and environment.

It gives space, to live
to reload and to rebuild, the things that where attacked and almost destroyed.

I can, heal myself.

It gives space, to create,
to express and to release, the things that kept me on hold.

Soon in my mind and environment.

Olnuzola 2011


Moodboard december ’11

Finally working again

I’m hoping to get ‘my home’ finally

And I have been thinking about what I would decorate it like if I get it.
I made color-themes next to interior images I have found on random interior-blogs..

I am sorry but I am so not going to blog while I can live this amazing fall

I am currently enjoying and living this amazing summery fall. I love my digital world but as I am a natural human, I choose to use my time otherwise than blogging at this moment. Although I will be back, but just not now…

Of to the beach now…See ya soon

You be You


Thoughts about thinking

recent past always and soon

last month:
I have been swimming in the sea
I have had two art-expositions
I have chosen for myself and set myself free

random facts of mine are that:
I love the smell of nature
I love the taste of spiced olives so much
I love to sleep while it is raining or stormy outside

this summer:
I am going to make a road-trip through france and spain
I am going to do yoga after summer-break
I am going to explore what I want to do in life and then work my way up

images found at onyx earth, no credit found

These images are from my folder of inspirational pictures and found at divers tumblr blogs. I do not take credit for them. Text and collage are made by me

8/6/1987 to 8/6/2011

Happy new year to me

One year to go and I’ll start my second quarter century

This one year the good energy will turn my way and I will build the foundation where which I can create my life with as how I want it to be.

Better health mentaly and physically

Happier Life

Welfare and succes

Olga Nunnink



Artistic view,

is pure esthetically,

it is about shape,

color, tonality, edges

and other elements,

irrespective of functionality.

the sensory experience as feelings.

‘The doctrine of beauty’

Part of notes of my study aesthetics, Olga Nunnink 2011