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Bodypainting Pink Oculus

I bodypainted Pink Oculus for her new video Overdue (2:25) which was released recently! If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check it out! As I naturally support her ..I loved working together with my friend/ex-neighbor and above all fellow Queen! I strongly recommend to follow her and specially try to check her out on stage sometimes because this woman is for real for real!!

Check out her website:

Video is completely done by Bouba Dola, and dancers are Guillermo Blinker and Jomecia Oosterwolde.



My world of today

Wij Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink

Wij Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink schilderen wat ik wil en soms wat zelf wilt. Dat wil zeggen, in onze schilderijen kun je kanten van beiden ontdekken. Het is een persoonlijke zoektocht naar mijn Ik en naar mijn Zelf. Realistische portretten, Non-realistische portretten, Zelf-portretten, Vrouw-figuren met kleurrijke, rustige of zwoele of juist chaotische of droevige werelden, symbolen en patronen, wazige impressies van.. Ja van wat eigelijk? Onderwerpen die mij raken? Personen die mij intrigeren? Bewust, onbewust, of allebei?


Yes please

Street Style Memory Game III

Barbara Iweins is mij al een aantal jaren aan het volgen voor haar project “Un Ans Plus Tard”. Hierin portretteert zij elk jaar weer de personen die zij in haar selectie heeft staan. En zo dus ook mij. Nu heeft zij ook hieruit weer een aparte selectie gemaakt en de betreffende foto’s gebruikt voor een ‘Streetstyle Memory Game’. Ze heeft mij hieraan toegevoegd en niet alleen als ‘kaarten’ maar ook als de cover van het spel! :)

Wat extra leuk is, is dat er per toeval ook twee buurmannen en een semi-buurvrouw van mij in dit spel zitten! Paa Kofi -check em hier-, Jeffrey Goodett aka (J Good) uit mijn Heesterveld Creative Community! en Aysis :)

En toen bleek ook nog dat mijn gezicht in het midden van de display van de American Bookstore op Spui-plein in mn stad Amsterdam gepresenteerd hing!

Check Barbara at en


Getting back to updating- and keeping my site updated!

Just added some new work to my art portfolio (link “ART” can be find above)
Soon more!

it’s been a long time…

but I’m still here
surviving the cold and waiting for warmer days
mixed emotions and upcoming projects filled up my mind

today the sun shows her slow return
..made me ease and get back my inner peace
ready for another new chapter
season change

(pictures taken somewhere 6 months ago)

More found pictures of me

Moi, un an plus tard (By Barbara Iweins)

Barbara shot a streetstyle photo of me a little longer than a year ago while I was working at Zipper in the 9 streets, and now asked me if she could integrate me in her 5 years project: ‘Un An Plus Tard’. It is an amazing project where she first finds interesting people on the street and shoot a portrait of them. Then after a year she shoots a portrait of them (of the selected people) again and add another photo next to it which is in the second year, a still-life photo of special belongings of the person itself that will represent them in a very personal way, with explanation of the items under it.

Book “”Fela (- ‘This Bitch Of A Life’)”: I am interested in this book because of the Nigerian musician from the 70′s ‘Fela Anikulapo Kuti’. He is the one who composed the ‘Afrobeat’ genre. I adore this book not only because this music is really part of me, my hart and my soul but also because the person itself is really intriguing.

Plant: this little branch represent my love for nature. I enjoy nature a lot and I really believe in energies. When I am looking to everything which is biological, I am really grateful for what nature is offering me.

Chain: I only feel good when I am dressed the way I want. First I am choosing a color that fits my mood then it can turn into various looks which mostly have an ethnical 80′s or 90′s touch.
Pretty much each day I am wearing plenty of chains and scarfs in my hair.

Gula Djawa (Palm Sugar) en Kemiri Nuts: Two indonesian ingredients. I like to cook various dishes so I try to learn receipe from different countries. From Greece to Indonesian and Surinamese. Therefore, in order to do it as it should, I am often using ingredients that not many people know.

Incense: At home I like to create an optimal atmosphere and Incense gives this special touch.

Wooden Elephants: Wood represents again my affection for nature. And The olifant my affinity with Africa, which I think started with music. My father was a musician and played different kind of instruments such as saxofoon and flute. Moreover he played mostly funk/jazz so that’s what I was hearing all the time at home. Nowadays, when I hear african rhrythms (that are present in so many sorts of music) I get a recognizable and familiar feeling; as if “I am home”. From this initial interest, arised new ones linked to this continent. That’s the only explanation I have for this tenderness I developped for Africa…The rest is pure intuitivity.

Feathers and Branches: Again to express my fusion with nature. When I see them on the street, I can’t resist taking them with me.

Cat: An egyptian statue (Goddess in the shape a cat: Bastet). Cats in ancient Egypt symbolized clairvoyance, mystery and transformation but above all they were lucky animals. I am also known as “the crazy-catlady” because I’m crazy about cats.

Posca-marker, Ara Paint en Fineliner: represents the fact that I am an artist. I am a painter and illustrator and make portraits but also (in combination with realistic, abstract and impressionist) colored atmosphere paintings with women figures and ethnic patterns. I would love to develop new techniques such as woodcarving but for now these are the utensils I am using the most.

Candle: It’s also (such as the incense) a big part of the atmsophere of my house. When I am alone or with friends, my candles are always lit.

Perfume: This special perfume with spicy elements, adds something personal to my appearance and it makes me feel good. Fragrances are very strong stimulators for moods, and so it enhances my everyday life.

Book: “The invention of Humanity”: is my favorite book. It gives a brief worldhistory about the vieuws on equity that overpass cultural and civilizations borders. I would love to be self taught in many disciplines and also in Anthropology as I find the way that people live and think amazingly interesting. Therefore this book offers a lot of information to increase my knowledge.


2nd at 41

“Gentleladies of the H”

Featured on

This week I was asked to be photographed for an ‘Amsterdam’s Style-icons’ item on While I was taking a coffee & ciggy break at work (Zipper)

pictures from fashionchick. Also this collage, it’s fun to see how they added ‘shop Olga’s style’ items next to it.

First at Olnuzola’s

Altho I’ve been caught, I can not be locked, b’cos I am free


Featured (twice) in Metro Newspaper’s streetstyle

Check Red Green Patterns

New booties

Blue flowers and black

Red, Patterns and blue socks