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Open Art Route

Afgelopen oktober was mijn woonblok:

Heesterveld Creative Community

onderdeel van de Open Art Route Zuidoost. Voor dit weekend hadden wij twee expositie ruimtes ingericht. In een daarvan liet ik wat werk zien, namelijk het collage doek ‘Adek’(Anton de Kom) en daarnaast een serie over Fela Anikulapo Kuti en zijn Queens.

Binnen de organisatie van Open Art Route was er een filmploeg die ook rond reed met de speciale pendelbus om verslag te maken van het weekend. Ik vond dit filmpje laatst terug en zag mijn buurman Kofi en mijzelf erin langskomen vanaf 2.10 min.




Acryl on 50 x 70 Canvas

© Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink 2013

Collage painting, Anton de Kom and the history of slavery in surinam.


‘Nieuw Amsterdam’


A while ago I was asked to do some facial art for a photoshoot of a locks-barber.
This young women Iris has such amazing locks herself and she knows how to treat them right!
If you have locks and you want them to give a fresh up, fix them if they went wrong, or if you are interested in transforming your regular hair into locks, she does it all! and good!
Check out some of the pictures and click the link below to visit her website.

Check out her website! IRIEDREADS.COM
Photography by J GOOD



As an adding to my last post about our performances on Solar Festival (August 3d&4th)

Video by Julian Van Buul from Bouwjaar84. Performance by Poetry Circle Nowhere & Bouwjaar84. Colored bodypaint on performers by me. And the first shot you see of the bodypainting: my Olnuzola logo :)

The amazing Cocoon show!

Cocoon @ Solar Weekend 2013 from Julian van Buul on Vimeo.

Poetry Circle Nowhere


Solar Festival 2013 PCN+HV x Fayst x Bouwjaar84

I just realised that I haven’t even posted pictures of our performance last year! O_O
Oh well.. this year 2013, I joined my friends from the Poetry Circle Nowhere again in their performance at Solar Weekend Festival.

I have been doing Performing Arts & Bodypainting again!

This year we linked up and worked together with http://bouwjaar84 from Eindhoven and Fayst from Berlin. We combined all three of our concepts. It was an interesting journey to see how three groups of creatives with a different point of view came together and created something new!

Creatures from 3013
Spider People

What do you see when u look in the mirror?
Does it reflect what you think is truth?

We started off with doing a parade-act through the festival, where we only communicated with the audience non-verbaly as creatures from 3013. This we also did last year as another apocalyptic tribe and which was very powerful.

During this parade we headed towards the theatre-area of Solar where we had our own ‘Dome’ tent. Here festival visitors could enjoy several performances such as “Eargasm” and “Cocoon”. We let them step into a different world outside of the hectic festival field, listening to improv. life music through headphones and watching interesting and new choreographies all around them. Meanwhile I was welcoming and bodypainting the visitors outside.

photo credits:
- Tiger Tut
- Richard Alan Patrick Klemme-Wolff
- Angela Tellier
- PhotoCord Fotografie for Nufoto


Afrikadag / Africa at Night 17/11/12

For the official afterparty of Afrikadag (Africaday), ‘Africa At Night’ I was asked to expose some of my work in the ‘Sugar Factory’ in Amsterdam. Afrikadag is the biggest event in The Netherlands that is about Africa and international collaborations. It is a day full of different kind of performances like music, poetry, dance and lectures that all have the same goal: sharing knowledge and thoughts about Africa.

It was quite short notice that Christian Nana asked me to expose, and I really wanted to show new work here. I already made a portrait of Fela Kuti in 2011 and I was planning to make more portraits of him anyways. So when I only had one month to paint a serie for ‘Africa At Night’, I figured that would be the best thing to do. I made 7 paintings that month, 3 portraits of fela and 4 portraits of some of his queens. The best add I could give to Afrikadag!

It was a good night, friends showed up to support me, my mother was there!, I did some bodypaint on visitors, people where interested in my work (also two men from Lagos! Too bad I hadn’t had the time to decide proper prices for my paintings, or else I would’ve sold some, oh well.. next time! It’s such an amazing feeling to know that people are truly interested), saw several performances (music and comedy), there was african food and overall a really warm and good vibe!

Thanks Christian Nana!

I will soon make proper pictures of this selection of paintings and add them in the ‘art’ section of my website!

With This Is Africa At The Hague African Festival

Last weekend I worked again for This Is Afrika via W.O.T.S./NoLimitzo at The Hague African Festival 2012.
This was the second time I did bodypaint-pieces at a festival, and it was interesting to have experienced the difference between them (Previous festival was Open Air Festival, read about it here) since they both had a different target-group and for example this time I worked a lot with kids and parents and the previous time it where all young (drunk/party/cool-with-everything/going wild) kinda people.

above pictures by Stephanie Afrifa, below pictures by me

Video by Kitchell Samuel (beginning of the day)

Preview of ..

So I am doing a project with my friend Angela Tellier (photographer) in which I bodypaint (improvise) people and she shoots portraits of them. This is a ‘making of’ video filmed and edited By Benjamin Thenu during my 4th session bodypainting my friend Claudio Ritfeld aka Claudius de KrentenKoning. After this he used it also for a performance during my neighbor Marvin’s houseparty where also a video was shooted which I will post soon!

Instragram previews of #11:11 Clyde Prince, #22:22 Jefferson Osei, #33:33 Paa Kofi and #44:44 Claudio Ritfeld

Bodypainting with ‘This Is Africa’ at Open Air Festival Amsterdam 2012

On may 26th and 27th I did bodypaint-pieces in the ‘This Is Africa’ area on the ‘Open Air Festival 2012′ in Amsterdam (Gaasperplas). These two days where amazing, it was my first time to work on a festival and together with the team we did a great job I think. All the people where really enthusiastic about our stage and came back the second day for more. People where standing in line for my body-paints all day and it was hard to catch a break. Let’s hope ‘Open Air’ will give even a bigger stage to ‘This Is Africa’ next year! Oh and the weather was a-ma-ziiinng!!




Upcoming July 1st we will be present at ‘The Hague African Festival 2012′!

“Same people, same music, same art, same vibes, same love!”


Marvin Tjen a Tak aka DJ Barbapapa

My new nextdoor neighbor and friend
Has been giving his living-room (actually more of his house, there’s a lounge & smoking-area too lol) rebuild as a small club. It was released during last NYE when we’d also organized a small party there and now that he has installed club lights as well it’s ready for the next (level) houseparty, somewhere in february I believe.

You better start recognize

Element Human #1

‘Oldie’ I never had posted before, painted in feb 2011

“Human Element #1″

Acryl and finelier on 2 x 30 x 30 Canvas © Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink

Quick Sketching

My bestie Stephie (Stephanie D. Afrifa)

My friend from overseas Fola (Folasade)

Planning to do this more often, let me know if you want one and I might sketch you the next time :)

Finally working again

Untitled woman and man

So more than a year ago, in june 2010 I started to draw random figures as I have been loving, and still love to do.. and most of the time I get inspired of what I am making in a world that lays between unawareness and awareness, and suddenly see something in those figures. This time I saw a man figure and added some shapes to make it look stronger. Than I added a woman next to it in the same style. The result is shown above, this is still my favorite illustration ever and a half year ago I made a painting of it

“Untitled woman and man”

Acryl and marker on 30 x 40 Canvas © Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink

Featured in “De Brakke Grond #7″

During Amsterdams “Nuit Blanche” art event last june Kim and I where shortly interviewed for De Brakke Grond’s newspaper/magazine. I had participated there in a group exposition together with “Slave”. Yesterday I remembered the fact that I was interviewed and got me an issue and there we where. The text is in dutch and quite funny. The interviewer for example wrote down: “african music, reggae “dance” and dupstep”. I ofcourse had told her that I like african music, reggae, ‘dancehall’ and dupstep.. Lol! Also she had added that Kim and I are going wild in Amsterdam’s nightlife ever since we got close friends.. That we have never said but the interviewer probably figured it would make the story a bit spicier I guess? Lol And she spelled Waris Dirie wrong.. But oh well, thanks for adding me with photo ánd link to my website in a well known/ important gallery newspaper! :)


First shoot I did styling for with another model than myself. Actually a bit silly that I post this now, since the agency I was with just stopped. I actually forgot to post this on my blog but it’s been on my portfolio since I have opened this website. Although I think some of you might haven’t seen it yet so I figured I post this anyway..

Made this in March…

the week of ‘the mask’ I guess

Tuesday, Art-day on! Thought about which painting or illustration or other work I would post today, and since I was talking about ‘the mask’ yesterday, I remembered my painting called “Mask”!

A year and a half ago I sketched this illustration in one of my many many notebooks. It wasn’t with a concept of making a mask, it just arose out of making certain figures.

Then a half year ago I was going to expose during the Cinnamon Wednesday’s Afrique special and I wanted to make some extra paintings and came through the sketch and decided to paint it as well.

Turned out to this:


Acryl and marker on 40 x 30 Canvas

© Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink

Click to enlarge

Waris Dirie

One and a half years ago, I read the story of Waris Dirie and it touched me about it here! That for me was a reason to paint her portrait a half year ago..

“Waris Dirie”

Acryl on 18 x 24 Canvas © Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink