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Bodypainting Pink Oculus

I bodypainted Pink Oculus for her new video Overdue (2:25) which was released recently! If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check it out! As I naturally support her ..I loved working together with my friend/ex-neighbor and above all fellow Queen! I strongly recommend to follow her and specially try to check her out on stage sometimes because this woman is for real for real!!

Check out her website:

Video is completely done by Bouba Dola, and dancers are Guillermo Blinker and Jomecia Oosterwolde.



Kadialy Kouyate


I want to share this with everybody.
This amazing woman.
She makes me cry often.
She gives me strength.

Fatoumata Diawara

I send love out to you!


Brushy One String

Fela Kuti (the videogame)

Marvin Tjen a Tak aka DJ Barbapapa

My new nextdoor neighbor and friend
Has been giving his living-room (actually more of his house, there’s a lounge & smoking-area too lol) rebuild as a small club. It was released during last NYE when we’d also organized a small party there and now that he has installed club lights as well it’s ready for the next (level) houseparty, somewhere in february I believe.

Curved Air

Deadly Hunta

Planned to post this for so long!

I believe it already has been 3 years ago (june 2009) That I went to Roots festival in Amsterdam’s Oosterpark with my friend Dee, where we heard Trevor a.k.a Deadly Hunta perform for the first time on an open-air-stage surrounded by surinamese and jamaican food-stands. I remember that as soon as he started to perform the crowd started to pay attention to the stage and responding to his lyrics. After he got off stage me and Dee saw him walking around and went to him to say hi. Trevor invited us to the roots-afterparty and there we had some more convo’s. He told me it was his first time in Amsterdam and that he was staying a couple a days. We agreed on planning a little sight-seeing trip the next couple a days and so I showed him around and chilled more.. We had much fun! Now I wish more exposure for my friend and so..

Deadly Hunta (Agency: Reality Shock)

The combination of his roots from Jamaica and having his life based in the UK, makes him a reggae/dancehall artist who’s also influenced by ‘Drum ‘n Bass” and “Hiphop”. Besides that there’s more diversity which this man adds to his music, namely the fact that he’s both a really good rapper as he is a good singer. The transition of this (rapping and singing in his tunes) I find truly amazing and this makes him both loved by female as male crowds. He is rising very fast by working his ass off and touring all around the world.

His long-waited album ‘Speak My Mind’ was officially released last thursday on dec 1st 2011.

It contains 16 tracks which includes already known hits like “Many Men”, “Talk Out Loud”, “Cry” and of course a whole bunch of new tunes! Get it here on itunes!

Old but still so good: Talk Out Loud, BOOM!

More info about Deadly Hunta @ Reality Shock
Deadly Hunta’s tunes @ Soundcloud!
Deadly Hunta @ Facebook

Bless mi key! xx

Milosh – The World

I was just searching for a good image to put with this music post, but I decided

no color
no image
no nothing but only
these sounds

close your eyes
lay down and listen to create your own images and colors with it
and let me know what you saw!

Milosh – The World



Nostalgia 77 – Hush

Misty Miller

This 16 year old sweetheart get’s my saturday-music spot for week 30! I am feeling like I am searching for a new life. I want to eat healthier and start doing yoga (today I did my first session). I want to first, go on holiday within a few weeks with two girls of mine and relax, sunbath and feel good! And after that I am going to figure out once and for all for real, what I am going to start to develop myself more with another education or I don’t know, I want to build up my life! I am 24 years old for f*ck sakes.. lol excuse me. Anywaaaaays.. I was listening to old ‘urban-music’ today (think nivea/bow wow/nelly/jaggededge/jadakiss) and got back that feeling from back in the day. Now a few hours later I just ran into this background song of a tumblr page called “remember” of Misty Miller and fell in love. This isn’t normally my type of music. It does remind me of this sound that has been going on for the last years in commercial-music-land that I try to avoid because most of the time it does not sound sincere to me. This however sound so pure, this cute girl with her small guitar. And I am enjoying her for as long as she stays pure

Afrobeta Bodega Radio

Not too much talking, this is my music obsession! The artists from Afrobeta Bodega (and friends as Uhuru Afrika) make the greatest house mixes! This I definitely want to share, and for them give them some support and extra exposure.

Here their latest two mixes, listen for yourself

Aluku Rebels Session for Afrobeta Bodega

Uhuru Afrika May 2011

Go to their website and listen/download their podcasts

General Trix

Big up to my friend General Trix!

representing di reggae tunes from Amsterdam

Rough Lynx records, Produced By Ante Lynx

His first video from his upcoming album (Sept. 2011) Green Light

His first single now free to download by clicking the cover^

Check his website out here

Claudio & De krentenkoning = Claudius

I wanted to post this way earlier, but I had some problems with finding a good audio-player for WordPress. Now that I did (thank you Todd Iceton ) I could finaly represent music.

So I wanted to give some spotlight to a good friend of mine Claudio Ritfeld

Claudio & De krentenkoning = Claudius

Speaks words, as in is also a spoken-word artist
aka is a performer
and artist
and a stage man that does not brag but is truly sharing his thoughts, realness
I support that!

make yourself a cup of tea, get in a comfortable chair and listen to his first ep (dutch&english):


Verboden Verbinding
Intensive Care
Meneer De Beest
Save My Fire

Check, bookmark and follow his blogspot: !!!!

Pantha Du Prince

Caught my attention today. What I like about it, is the realness and the idyllic and nostaligic feeling that it gives me. First watch a short documentary about his 3d album “Black Noise”, then watch the trailer of the album.

I want that freedom back

A few years ago I discovered this musicvideo and song, and yesterday I searched for it on my old youtube account’s favorites-list. I am still so in love with this whole vibe. It reminds me of when I still had my car, imagine me as you see this woman driving so free through the world, discovering worlds wonders. I miss my car and am thinking more and more about getting me a new one, a small cheap one, I just want to feel that specific freedom again.

Simphiwe Dana

Simphiwe Dana, singer and writer from South Africa tells (Music Exclusive in an interview) that her music is a journey of self-discovery and that she calls it ‘soul music’, not because it falls in a certain genre, but because it is music that you can feel. And I love that, because that is what means much to me as well. Feelings that I have with certain aspects in life such as expressing and discovering myself in my art, my looks and I love music in which I feel that the maker of it has that with their music. And also that I, myself feel something deeper in that music, true.. Soul Music.

I must say that I also found music of her that I did not really liked. But I did wanted to dedicate the post my “Music” of this week to her.

Her best music-video (Nderedi). I love the black&yellow visual part!

Like in this song (Ilolo), the whole vibe I love, but there is also something that is wrong, that is not correctly done and that disturbs me a bit.

Shangaan (electro)

I recently discovered this new genre (thanks to one of the guys of l’afrique som syteme”) and I fall in love immediately. The combination of the traditional shangaan sounds and the new electro sounds are just great. It got me in this sort of trance and I have been listening to it non-stop when I was finishing my painting collection for my first exposition last february (read about it here) and it gave my such great energy. I could focus really good and it wasn’t distracting me while working, as some ‘background’ music does. I could not resist keeping my belly and but still and danced while painting. Also I could imagine that this would give me a true energy boost and adrenaline rush when I would suddenly hear this in a club. But unfortunately I won’t expect to hear this in Amsterdam’s clubs any time soon. Read below some more info about this music and it’s people and watch a selection of the (in South-Africa) well-known artists.

The Shangaan people living along the Limpopo River in South Africa have recently gained a significant amount of attention for their low-tech, lo-fi electronic dance music. Shangaan electro has been pioneered by South African producer ‘Dog.’ Source: wikipedia

Nozinja is the kingpin of the Shangaan electro scene and has been since 2005. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard anything about this genre, it only really exists in the Shangaani areas of South Africa. Shangaan electro is characterised by an ultra fast-pace (180BPM and up), sped-up vocal samples, marimbas, digital beats, synths and afro-centric melodies. It barely exists outside of Soweto but does exist in other parts of the country where the Shangaani people are from in Limpopo for example. DVDs are the primary medium in which the music is shared as the accompanying dancing is just as important as the music. For now, Youtube videos are the primary way of spreading the phenomenon. Source: nialler9

I like that girl in the third vid (left bellow) at 3.37

victor kunonga