Solar Festival 2013 PCN+HV x Fayst x Bouwjaar84

I just realised that I haven’t even posted pictures of our performance last year! O_O
Oh well.. this year 2013, I joined my friends from the Poetry Circle Nowhere again in their performance at Solar Weekend Festival.

I have been doing Performing Arts & Bodypainting again!

This year we linked up and worked together with http://bouwjaar84 from Eindhoven and Fayst from Berlin. We combined all three of our concepts. It was an interesting journey to see how three groups of creatives with a different point of view came together and created something new!

Creatures from 3013
Spider People

What do you see when u look in the mirror?
Does it reflect what you think is truth?

We started off with doing a parade-act through the festival, where we only communicated with the audience non-verbaly as creatures from 3013. This we also did last year as another apocalyptic tribe and which was very powerful.

During this parade we headed towards the theatre-area of Solar where we had our own ‘Dome’ tent. Here festival visitors could enjoy several performances such as “Eargasm” and “Cocoon”. We let them step into a different world outside of the hectic festival field, listening to improv. life music through headphones and watching interesting and new choreographies all around them. Meanwhile I was welcoming and bodypainting the visitors outside.

photo credits:
Tiger Tut
Richard Alan Patrick Klemme-Wolff
Angela Tellier
PhotoCord Fotografie for Nufoto



  1. admin says:

    Thanks Wanto! :)

  2. anton says:

    Nice performance/
    You are beauty

  3. admin says:

    Thank you Anton!

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