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A while ago I was asked to do some facial art for a photoshoot of a locks-barber.
This young women Iris has such amazing locks herself and she knows how to treat them right!
If you have locks and you want them to give a fresh up, fix them if they went wrong, or if you are interested in transforming your regular hair into locks, she does it all! and good!
Check out some of the pictures and click the link below to visit her website.

Check out her website! IRIEDREADS.COM
Photography by J GOOD



As an adding to my last post about our performances on Solar Festival (August 3d&4th)

Video by Julian Van Buul from Bouwjaar84. Performance by Poetry Circle Nowhere & Bouwjaar84. Colored bodypaint on performers by me. And the first shot you see of the bodypainting: my Olnuzola logo :)

The amazing Cocoon show!

Cocoon @ Solar Weekend 2013 from Julian van Buul on Vimeo.

Poetry Circle Nowhere


Solar Festival 2013 PCN+HV x Fayst x Bouwjaar84

I just realised that I haven’t even posted pictures of our performance last year! O_O
Oh well.. this year 2013, I joined my friends from the Poetry Circle Nowhere again in their performance at Solar Weekend Festival.

I have been doing Performing Arts & Bodypainting again!

This year we linked up and worked together with http://bouwjaar84 from Eindhoven and Fayst from Berlin. We combined all three of our concepts. It was an interesting journey to see how three groups of creatives with a different point of view came together and created something new!

Creatures from 3013
Spider People

What do you see when u look in the mirror?
Does it reflect what you think is truth?

We started off with doing a parade-act through the festival, where we only communicated with the audience non-verbaly as creatures from 3013. This we also did last year as another apocalyptic tribe and which was very powerful.

During this parade we headed towards the theatre-area of Solar where we had our own ‘Dome’ tent. Here festival visitors could enjoy several performances such as “Eargasm” and “Cocoon”. We let them step into a different world outside of the hectic festival field, listening to improv. life music through headphones and watching interesting and new choreographies all around them. Meanwhile I was welcoming and bodypainting the visitors outside.

photo credits:
Tiger Tut
Richard Alan Patrick Klemme-Wolff
Angela Tellier
PhotoCord Fotografie for Nufoto



I want to share this with everybody.
This amazing woman.
She makes me cry often.
She gives me strength.

Fatoumata Diawara

I send love out to you!


Solar Festival Roermond 2013

Last weekend I joined the Poetry Circle Nowhere crew again doing a performing arts act and bodypainting at Solar Festival Roermond! There were several photographers that captured us, so stay tuned for the full story which I will post soon!

Here’s a preview of our rehearsal on the crewcampside.