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Secondhandbookshop vs “The American Bookstore”

EDIT: wrote this on may 8, was still in draft and forgot to post:

Wow! So I just have to rant about this. I just checked out at work earlier since it was 1. Very quiet, 2. I just got my period and 3. We have an intern so we where with too many anyway. And I walked passed this second-hand bookstore called “Kok Boeken” in the ‘Oude Hoogstraat’ in Amsterdam. I have passed that store so many times and dreamed away in there display of old rare books but everytime it was already closed, because I also work in a store and we close at the same time. And when I’m free, I’m not going to the center to shop quite often.

So today I could finally peek into the paradise.. The smell was so warm and adventureous, I love it! The shop-assistants where very kind and helped me out/ showed me around (two floors) since I was looking for a specific genre for a friend of mine whos just as crazy about reading as I am. I spoke with two other customers and felt a really warm energy. I could have spend hours in that store but after I found 5 books that I truly wanted (no-crazy-shop-addiction-buy-buy-buy-chick! I truly wanted them) I figured I needed to go and pay for my found treasures and get out before I went really wild. Besides I still needed to do groceries. But I’ll surely be back!

Then after that I went to ‘The American Book Center’ on Spui, and what I experienced there was the total opposite! I came in and asked about this offer they had on ‘Moleskine’ journals, since I really needed to buy an agenda (I’m so hectic lately, I have my inner peace but I keep forgeting appoinments). And this shop-assistant looks at me without any kind smile in response to my smile at him, replying with things very short and grumpy. Various other customers in the store where getting on my nerves because of their loudness and after the shop-assistant in the ‘spiritual section’ helped me out very kindly though, I wanted to purchase my new angenda and nobody was behind the counter. So I waited a little while, and a line developed behind me. Nobody was coming, so I walked towards the first shop-assistant I saw and asked (with a smile) ‘Excuse me sir, is there possibly a colleaque of yours (he seemed busy with somebody else) that could help us at the counter please?’ He (it almost seemed as if he growled but that was probably only in my imagination that was created after seeing his facial expression) replied with ‘NO, ehdbjdiwhdndn (could not hear what he was saying)’ without even looking at me and he walked towards the counter. He probably was saying something like ‘no, I will go to the counter’ and so.. I checked out the agenda and left..

WTF!??? What a different worlds!!
This always annoy me soooo much, shop-assistants that act this way.. While I am being kind and polite towards them and while I even though I do not feel very well, am kind and polite to my customers at work all day 4/5 days in the week… Egh!

Well at least it inspired me to write on my blog again!

“Kok Boeken”