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dec 23 11

in mind and environment.

It gives space, to live
to reload and to rebuild, the things that where attacked and almost destroyed.

I can, heal myself.

It gives space, to create,
to express and to release, the things that kept me on hold.

Soon in my mind and environment.

Olnuzola 2011

El Anatsui

El Anatsui born in Ghana (Ewe, 1944) makes art-installations out of small metal materials he finds in his environment like bottle caps, seals and wire and weaves this all together so that it creates ‘draped metal cloths'(“Gawu”, “metal-cloak”). These works are huge and really intrigue me..

Art grows out of each particular situation, and I believe that artists are better off working with whatever their environment throws up.

– El Anatsui, 200

images from metmuseum


Moitié Fait

“Elle nom est m.”

I have so much respect for this girl! I found her on lookbook a little while ago and today she blew me away with another amazing look (the Johnny Bravo one) and I checked out her blog. All her looks are amazing and so original, I love it! And I wanted to give her a little spotlight now.. Check her out! <3

Element Human #1

‘Oldie’ I never had posted before, painted in feb 2011

“Human Element #1”

Acryl and finelier on 2 x 30 x 30 Canvas © Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink

Moodboard december ’11

Curved Air

Deadly Hunta

Planned to post this for so long!

I believe it already has been 3 years ago (june 2009) That I went to Roots festival in Amsterdam’s Oosterpark with my friend Dee, where we heard Trevor a.k.a Deadly Hunta perform for the first time on an open-air-stage surrounded by surinamese and jamaican food-stands. I remember that as soon as he started to perform the crowd started to pay attention to the stage and responding to his lyrics. After he got off stage me and Dee saw him walking around and went to him to say hi. Trevor invited us to the roots-afterparty and there we had some more convo’s. He told me it was his first time in Amsterdam and that he was staying a couple a days. We agreed on planning a little sight-seeing trip the next couple a days and so I showed him around and chilled more.. We had much fun! Now I wish more exposure for my friend and so..

Deadly Hunta (Agency: Reality Shock)

The combination of his roots from Jamaica and having his life based in the UK, makes him a reggae/dancehall artist who’s also influenced by ‘Drum ‘n Bass” and “Hiphop”. Besides that there’s more diversity which this man adds to his music, namely the fact that he’s both a really good rapper as he is a good singer. The transition of this (rapping and singing in his tunes) I find truly amazing and this makes him both loved by female as male crowds. He is rising very fast by working his ass off and touring all around the world.

His long-waited album ‘Speak My Mind’ was officially released last thursday on dec 1st 2011.

It contains 16 tracks which includes already known hits like “Many Men”, “Talk Out Loud”, “Cry” and of course a whole bunch of new tunes! Get it here on itunes!

Old but still so good: Talk Out Loud, BOOM!

More info about Deadly Hunta @ Reality Shock
Deadly Hunta’s tunes @ Soundcloud!
Deadly Hunta @ Facebook

Bless mi key! xx

Quick Sketching

My bestie Stephie (Stephanie D. Afrifa)

My friend from overseas Fola (Folasade)

Planning to do this more often, let me know if you want one and I might sketch you the next time :)

Andy Denzler

A couple of months ago I ran into the work of Andy Denzler and wanted to post about it, but because of a lot things where/are going on in life I had forgotten about it. Today I saw his work on the net again, and here I am sharing it with you! I find this technique amazing! The fading make the images look so real in a way, as if it is an image out of a dream. Plus I find it very strong and recognizable.

I really love his work! Check him out here: