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Blue Hat & Glitters


Randoms on a sunday

So today it was an amazing sunny and comfortable autumn day.


So I sat in the backyard for several hours with a nice cup of Celestial Tea
(Tension Tamer). I love love love Celestial teas and unfortunately they only sell two

flavors in our supermarkets, I am seriously thinking about buying them online

And got back to this fantastic book: “The invention of mankind: a short history
of the world thinking about equality and cultural difference
” which I bought a couple of months ago. Written by Siep Stuurman a Dutch political scientist.


After that I played around with Instagram which I truly enjoy. Normally I am against these sort of things, because in my opinion these programs often screw up the quality of- and effort that (in this case) photographers put in ‘real’ photography. But this is just so amazing, the things you can do with it, so easily, so fast, with my iPhone, which I of course carry around always and everywhere. And so, can capture and create all kinds of things/ everything I want.


Featured in “De Brakke Grond #7”

During Amsterdams “Nuit Blanche” art event last june Kim and I where shortly interviewed for De Brakke Grond’s newspaper/magazine. I had participated there in a group exposition together with “Slave”. Yesterday I remembered the fact that I was interviewed and got me an issue and there we where. The text is in dutch and quite funny. The interviewer for example wrote down: “african music, reggae “dance” and dupstep”. I ofcourse had told her that I like african music, reggae, ‘dancehall’ and dupstep.. Lol! Also she had added that Kim and I are going wild in Amsterdam’s nightlife ever since we got close friends.. That we have never said but the interviewer probably figured it would make the story a bit spicier I guess? Lol And she spelled Waris Dirie wrong.. But oh well, thanks for adding me with photo ánd link to my website in a well known/ important gallery newspaper! :)

You be You

Moodboard week 37


First shoot I did styling for with another model than myself. Actually a bit silly that I post this now, since the agency I was with just stopped. I actually forgot to post this on my blog but it’s been on my portfolio since I have opened this website. Although I think some of you might haven’t seen it yet so I figured I post this anyway..

Made this in March…

to color, colors, colored

I am feeling better and better and I felt the need to wear color! To celebrate the fact that I am going into to right direction in life. I have some thoughts about what I want to do (travel and another education) and now I have to decide how I can regulate these things the best. One thing is for sure, I feel new energy because of my new plans.

Last week I bought this amazing 90s print mens short-sleeve shirt at work, I fell in love with its print, so colorful, cheerful and bright! I pinned the sleeves a bit so that it is now more as a sleeveless shirt with somewhat ‘padded’ shoulders. And whore a tube top and skirt (high) op top of it and finished it with a belt on the waist. It now looks more as a short dress which has a lot going on in it’s design. Sort of a new look for me, but still me, I felt like ‘this’ today and I showed it.

Another olnuzola-headwrap which includes an 80s silk longsleeve men’s shirt (turqoise) + a piece of african-wax-fabric + a thrifted plastic necklace.

And still loving my platform-block-heels from Miss Me bought at Mod Cloth.

Oh yeah and on top, still one of my favorite thrift-store-finds: the turquoise and black pied-de-poule jacket and underneath a bright yellow vintage jacket from Ralph Laurent.

My baby Luna always loves it when I am in the backyard and here she came to give me a cat-head-hug.. I am the crazy-cat-lady..

Look at the pattern!! and my new vintage necklace with it’s bright green and black fringes ^^

Gran Canaria 2011

I promised to post more pictures from my vacation in Gran Canaria, well here they are..

Stuff we did

Trip through hot mountains on Camels, when only slept for 1 hour, where we saw a real oase (which is still bloody hot)

Long days on 4 different beaches, sunbathing, swimming in high waves and still bay-sea-water

Going out for dinner, drinks and dances

Drove to the north of the island which is more cloudy and greener and where we found the capital city Las Palmas

I drove more than 5 hours through mountains that reached the clouds! and saw 3/4 different landscapes because of the mini-climates the island has

Went into the desert in the south, close to where our apartment was

Stept onto a cockroach with my bare foot and threw it (out of a glass) over the balcony while only wearing a thong 5.30 in the morning(Eeeeeeeeew!!)

Got so high in the mountains (by car) that we where able to see Tenerife

the week of ‘the mask’ I guess

Tuesday, Art-day on! Thought about which painting or illustration or other work I would post today, and since I was talking about ‘the mask’ yesterday, I remembered my painting called “Mask”!

A year and a half ago I sketched this illustration in one of my many many notebooks. It wasn’t with a concept of making a mask, it just arose out of making certain figures.

Then a half year ago I was going to expose during the Cinnamon Wednesday’s Afrique special and I wanted to make some extra paintings and came through the sketch and decided to paint it as well.

Turned out to this:


Acryl and marker on 40 x 30 Canvas

© Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink

Click to enlarge

The mask without the mask because I am me

This look reminded me of “The Mask” from 1994 Directed by Chuck Russell. With Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz. It was however not an inspiration source, but after I made my outfit I had to think about this 90’s movie. This is how it goes with me quite often, I start off by just working in a world in the middle of awareness and unawareness and I find my inspiration after I started/ am working on/ or finished my work.

Anyways.. another orange! this orange bodystocking is vintage from mother-closet. A couple a years ago she wanted to throw this away!! She had this whole bag of old clothing that she wanted to bring to some company, and me and my sister searched through the bunch and I found this and a high-waist-jeans-short. I am still so happy with it, look at it, it’s color is amazing.

And this jacket, in this bright green, also vintage, I found at vintage store Joosje in Amsterdam. It has lovely details, which I see now, unfortunately not really captured in the photos.

With one of my favorite necklace: the silver from Nepal and another thrifted silver-color necklace, and a new one which I found today at work (Zipper Amsterdam), a black shiny string with a green plastic thingy with thin fringes at the bottom. No idea what it is, but it’s so cute and matchable :)

And not to forget, my silver jumpsuit which I prefer to wear as pants. Shwwiiingg!

Combined with cute vintage booties, with leather and cotton pieces also from Zipper.