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Navy blue & checks

So normally I post “My Looks” as a monday post, but since I took a little break and am about to take another break this upcoming week starting saturday (I am going to Gran Canaria!!) I figured let’s post a my look on wednesday (night) as a special.

Navy blue and checks I called it. This top is from Marithé et François Girbaud and I found it at Jutka & Riska, Amsterdam I think 2 years ago or so. It has this amazing design, I love it! It is a piece that I do not wear too much (as I do with all my clothes actually but with some like this one, extra) so so now and then I find it back and it is like I have a new garment :)

Wearing it with a vintage leather-shoulder-padded jacket with golden heart-shaped buttons another favorite find at Bij Ons Vintage, Amsterdam and this great great GREAT checkered long jacket which actually was a dress/jacket which I have cut loose in the middle to make it a jacket. Next to the fact that it is in super fab condition and has this amazing check pattern, it also has this very crisp white ‘extra’ collar! I have found this at the secondhand/ Noordermarkt in Amsterdam I have paid 2,50 Euros for this! Whuaaahaahaha.. Ohhh how do I love finding treasures and style in into my own style.

Combining it with a thrifted high-waist-bodycon-skirt and navy blue tights, my signature heardress and some mixing jewelry. Oh and of course this amazing vintage leather bag!!

And last but not least, my suede heels from Asos