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Misty Miller

This 16 year old sweetheart get’s my saturday-music spot for week 30! I am feeling like I am searching for a new life. I want to eat healthier and start doing yoga (today I did my first session). I want to first, go on holiday within a few weeks with two girls of mine and relax, sunbath and feel good! And after that I am going to figure out once and for all for real, what I am going to start to develop myself more with another education or I don’t know, I want to build up my life! I am 24 years old for f*ck sakes.. lol excuse me. Anywaaaaays.. I was listening to old ‘urban-music’ today (think nivea/bow wow/nelly/jaggededge/jadakiss) and got back that feeling from back in the day. Now a few hours later I just ran into this background song of a tumblr page called “remember” of Misty Miller and fell in love. This isn’t normally my type of music. It does remind me of this sound that has been going on for the last years in commercial-music-land that I try to avoid because most of the time it does not sound sincere to me. This however sound so pure, this cute girl with her small guitar. And I am enjoying her for as long as she stays pure

Mati Klarwein

His work is absolutely amazing! I think I have never seen work of another artist that spoke to me this much.

The work of Mati Klarwein reminds me of things that inspire me as well. Nature, people, their cultures and everything that comes with that: colors, patterns and moods. And also his affinity with africa. “I am only half German and only half Jewish with an Arab soul and a African heart” he quoted.


Cushnie et Ochs

Campaign: Cushnie et Ochs
Season: Fall 2011
Models: Ranya Mordanova, Anne Sophie Monrad, Lydia Willemina
Photographer: Hugh Lippe
Stylist: Keegan Singh

wow wow wow my favorite 2011 fall campaign!!

images from noirfacade, collage by me

“Mysteryroad” and firstsketchonjapanesepaper

Lace blue denim

A little while ago I had another attack of my illness (shopaholic, I must admit I am suffering from it. I tend to always find a good reason to buy the item that have caught my attention) and bought 4 vintage lace tops at my work! So typicial, I must say, our collection of garments-genres does not change as much as I would like it to change. But sometimes we do have these jewels, and when I find them in the new shipping and it ‘speaks’ to me, I can not help myself and buy it/them. Especially because of our good prices. Anywaaaays this is one of the 4 lace tops, isn’t it amazing?

Combining this with a thrifted men’s shirt which has a denim look. Forever21 stretchy dress (feels amazing! I also have it in black), New navy tights and leftover of jeans-customisation which turned into a over-the-knee-denim-thingy and a leg-warmer from pieces which I after today will never wear (as a legwarmer) again. It is so annoying, after I took pictures I thought shall I make new ones, because I actually detest them/this one. It is way too sloppy and after you have put them on they stretch MAD! …eghh well, it is still on my pictures but oh well..

My accessory: vintage glasses and two different vintage earrings bought at my work-neighbors shop Marbles. Or no, they gave it as a present :). A thrifted necklace from the Noordermakrt. Plus my two Lapis lazuli-silver rings..

And vintage booties, also from Marbles

Vintage book about cats

Personal birthday present from bestie Stephie. I totaly love this! I told her I am collecting more interesting books and then she bought me this vintage book about cats. As it was only for the amazing cover I would love it, but is has great photos and prints as well. The text is in french but that can help me getting back to remembering the french language as I used to speak it quite well for something like 8 years ago. I suspected she bought something about ethnic history, art or fashion, but she knows me so well and choose a book about cats ^^

Afrobeta Bodega Radio

Not too much talking, this is my music obsession! The artists from Afrobeta Bodega (and friends as Uhuru Afrika) make the greatest house mixes! This I definitely want to share, and for them give them some support and extra exposure.

Here their latest two mixes, listen for yourself

Aluku Rebels Session for Afrobeta Bodega

Uhuru Afrika May 2011

Go to their website and listen/download their podcasts

General Trix

Big up to my friend General Trix!

representing di reggae tunes from Amsterdam

Rough Lynx records, Produced By Ante Lynx

His first video from his upcoming album (Sept. 2011) Green Light

His first single now free to download by clicking the cover^

Check his website out here

Thoughts about thinking

More RTW Fall 2011 That have catched my eyes

I see something real there, or not? These looks represent something that I believe will become bigger. These prints of photo’s of buildings and landscapes, styled with other prints or in other colors. And more importantly, the whole garment exists out of this/these photo/photos. As if you are looking through a human-shaped window into another world. And with becoming bigger I meant that I imagine that this will be a look of the ‘future’. I have seen these kinds of looks before though, but this is something that people don’t dare to wear (yet) but I see it happing that when people get used to it, it could become a trend.

Basoo & Brooke RTW Fall 2011

Akris RTW Fall 2011

Mood & Thoughts series, “Blue #1”

Suspenders and my colors

Orange Blue Black and Yellow. Can’t stop won’t stop can’t get enough of your viiiiibe…
I get so cheered from my love for these colors.

I have bought a new tube top in kobalt-blue. The brightness of this color, ohh look at it! I seriously get energy out of it. Also it looks amazing with a tanned skin, it makes my skin look more intens. Combined with my favorite leggings, black 80s vintage leggings with a subtle print.

The yellow jacket is a vintage Lauren by Ralph Lauren, found on Etsy.

And ofcourse my signature head-wrap and jewelry.

And my alltime favorite booties! I wear these the most, since I work in a store, I am standing and walking all day, we also have little stairs in the shop and our basement isn’t higher than my hips so we have to bow. I want to wear heels more often but when I do, it is not healthy lol. So I love my vintage booties a lot. They go with everything and I am still not bored by them.

Sunday randoms July 17th

Claudio & De krentenkoning = Claudius

I wanted to post this way earlier, but I had some problems with finding a good audio-player for WordPress. Now that I did (thank you Todd Iceton ) I could finaly represent music.

So I wanted to give some spotlight to a good friend of mine Claudio Ritfeld

Claudio & De krentenkoning = Claudius

Speaks words, as in is also a spoken-word artist
aka is a performer
and artist
and a stage man that does not brag but is truly sharing his thoughts, realness
I support that!

make yourself a cup of tea, get in a comfortable chair and listen to his first ep (dutch&english):


Verboden Verbinding
Intensive Care
Meneer De Beest
Save My Fire

Check, bookmark and follow his blogspot: !!!!

New art: “Too Much”

Click to enlarge

“Too Much” © Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink

Acryl and henna on 40 x 50 Canvas

Key words: ‘too much’, frustration, chaos, triangle: spiritual insight, past/present, master of your destiny, power.

My new friend elephant

On my pants and in my earring, my new friend elephant. These pants (another find at work) have this amazing pattern of three elephant illustrations and has a fantastic color: pastel blue, it almost looks white, but in some light, you see that it is actually light pastel blue.

Here is a close-up of the other elephant part in this look. My self-made earring, made out of a piece of nice leather and beads.

The wooden necklace shown below, was a present from my girl Kim for my birthday which I picked out myself at a ghanaian stand at roots festival Amsterdam. I am in love with it!

The polyester vintage shirt I found at the IJ-hallen flea market (Amsterdam). I like that this fabric and color makes these great shadows. And I can not get enough of shoulder-pads!

The leather belt was broken at work, I would never throw something like this away, as you can see I can still wear it just fine :)

Below my suede wedge booties with fake sheepish fur from Asos. Bought in Fall ’10 because I fell in love with the ‘rust’ color. And still I am enjoying them!

Pantha Du Prince

Caught my attention today. What I like about it, is the realness and the idyllic and nostaligic feeling that it gives me. First watch a short documentary about his 3d album “Black Noise”, then watch the trailer of the album.

From me to you by Jamie

From me to you

That’s what the photography tumblr blog of Jamie (could not find her last name) from NYC. I found her through someone elses blog, and I truly enjoy to browse through her photography-posts. And adore the way she captures scenes. And what intrigued me the most where her video-pictures:

Check it out! You will love it


recent past always and soon

last month:
I have been swimming in the sea
I have had two art-expositions
I have chosen for myself and set myself free

random facts of mine are that:
I love the smell of nature
I love the taste of spiced olives so much
I love to sleep while it is raining or stormy outside

this summer:
I am going to make a road-trip through france and spain
I am going to do yoga after summer-break
I am going to explore what I want to do in life and then work my way up

images found at onyx earth, no credit found