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Another Pied de Poule Redblack

Striking look don’t you think? This color combination is quite aggressive, but I love me some black&color combo’s as you might have mentioned. This jacket, another attack where I suffered from at work, with this great Pepita– or the better-known name Pied de Poul-pattern. Works amazingly for a two or three color-themed look. The typical 50s pattern seem to never get old.

I am wearing it with (of course) with my fabric/scraves headpiece and my red-John Lennon glasses.

Together with one of my favorite rough-crochet-maxi-dress and on top of that I am wearing a customized thrifted mens sweater.

And here, my faux- DM-boots with heel and it’s amazing red-faded-to-black-look. And a close up of my three favorite rings. All silver with coral(red) and lapis lazuli(blue) stones.


Mentioned in both Spring 2011 as Fall 2011 RTW collections. The combination of blues and petrols (greens or turquoises). Which I have not caught on another website as a color-trend alert yet either, even while it was so striking. I think it is a fresh combo. I have this turquoise silk mens blouse, hmm I wonder what blue items I will mix with..stay tuned!

Now first check out my selection of looks on the runway.

^ Spring 2011 RTW Gucci & Fall 2011 RTW Jill Stuart

^ Fall 2011 RTW Prada & Spring 2011 RTW Haider Ackermann

^ Spring 2011 RTW Jil Sander & Fall 2011 RTW Emilio Pucci

^ Fall 2011 RTW Versace & Spring 2011 RTW Etro

images above from

In stores now:

Yellow Serie

Moods&Thoughts serie yellow #1 © Olga Nunnink

Acryl & fineliner on 3x 10×10 canvas

“I have my arm but it feels so heavy”

“Loving my inner strength and being faithful to it – Avoiding the negatives”


Orange * black & yellow

What is going on!

My official obsession of these colors is going on! I have been loving earthy colors and warm colors for a long time now. And I still switch to some blue or greens on a regular basis. But it is obvious, I am obsessed with the color combo of orange, black and yellow (and orange&blue too btw!) I can not seen to get enough! (I have btw this new thing with mad romantic lace tops as well, but more about that soon)

This vest, I found at the huge flee-market at IJ-hallen Amsterdam something like a year ago already, it is so bizzar! It is huge! and the rough woven cotton with that soft warm full orange color, dream! Also it has this weird shape (which you actually can not even see here because I am wearing it upside-down) and fake pockets, and there is no tag in it, so I have no clue where it comes from originally. There is a big black stain in it which reminds me of this sort of bicycle-grease which I can not get out, but it is alright with me, this vest lives!

Underneath I am wearing my favorite orange & black ethnic & 80s pattern cotton shortsleeve shirt which I also have for quite some time now. And my geometric black&white leggings from Costume Dept with a long black dress from Forever 21 worn as a maxi skirt.

The shoes are from Asos.. crazy!

These images are from my folder of inspirational pictures and found at divers tumblr blogs. I do not take credit for them. Text and collage are made by me

2 Women 1 Woman

“2 Women 1 Woman”

Acryl and Marker on 19 x 77 Hardboard x 2 © Olga Nunnink

Can be seen in different ways.
I’d like to not explain this one and keep it blank for your thoughts..

What do you see?


Got me this transparent black vintage top with embroideries last wednesday, to give me a birthday present myself. I turned 24 last 8th of june and had to work al day. I celebrated it with family at home last friday and with friends and dancing last saturday. It was a good one (afrobeat after-party of FELA! had mad good timing for scheduling it in the weekend after my birthday. There is no other kind of party which I would prefer to go to.) And look at it! It is truly amazing. These colors just fit my whole vibe that I have lately of orange yellow and black so perfectly.

I matched it with my piece of orange fabric, mustard-yellow long-sleeve-men’s-shirt and sheered leopard scarf headpiece. Can’t do without my headwear! It sort of grown into me now. I have been wearing headpieces like this for something like a year now? I can not remember..Anyway it has became a part of me. And if you are wondering where it all came from? Of course I have seen african women, muslim women and Rastafarians wearing fabrics wrapped around their heads, but that not made me wearing it as in, there was a day where I saw a women wearing fabric wrapped around her head and I figured, I will try that too. No, in fact this is how other things start for me as well.. sometimes, I just do something, try something with a garment or a fabric, and I was just playing around with fabrics for a bun or a high ponytail and from there it got bigger and higher and bigger and higher. Now most of the time I don’t feel complete when I am not wearing my headwear. To imagine that the biggest part of my life I have been wearing my hair loose, and there was not a single day where I would wear it up.

The rest of the look contains high-waisted jeans from Cheap Monday, a vintage belt, an ankh earring, my pair of orange-vintage-‘john lennon’-glasses and nude platform pumps from Forever21.

Through the orange glasses my world looks so warm


Wendy Ramshaw by Lester Bookbinder, photo from ciaovogue

Givenchy cobra Vogue UK 1965

found at beatleloveandwanderlust-tumblr

Magdalena Frackowiak by Richard Burbridge for Vogue Italia April 2011

Woodabe woman

I want that freedom back

A few years ago I discovered this musicvideo and song, and yesterday I searched for it on my old youtube account’s favorites-list. I am still so in love with this whole vibe. It reminds me of when I still had my car, imagine me as you see this woman driving so free through the world, discovering worlds wonders. I miss my car and am thinking more and more about getting me a new one, a small cheap one, I just want to feel that specific freedom again.

Soft glitter and silver

Inspired by fabrics

T by Alexander Wang

A couple of months ago I discovered these two jumpsuits (below) at my work (vintage store Zipper at Amsterdam) They spoke to me. I did not find them gorgeous or beautiful, they just did something with me and I knew I would use them for something good one day.

Some time later I found the two pictures above from fall 2011’s collection of T by Alexander Wang and they reminded me of my two jumpsuits which where by now hanging happily in my closet waiting for their right moment. These fabrics give exactly the same feeling and have the same look. Good pre-fall look for this summer!

Silver and Glitter Vintage Jumpsuit both from Zipper and Coral Pumps from Ash
Vintage Clip earrings from Marbles and Silver and Bloodcoral ring from Nepal

8/6/1987 to 8/6/2011

Happy new year to me

One year to go and I’ll start my second quarter century

This one year the good energy will turn my way and I will build the foundation where which I can create my life with as how I want it to be.

Better health mentaly and physically

Happier Life

Welfare and succes

Olga Nunnink

Upside Down Living

“Upside Down Living”

Acryl, Markers on 50 x 50 Canvas © Olga Nunnink

As I am living my life from two worlds and can not seem to find a way to get into one of these two worlds I still am standing in the middle of the two.

I am the crazy catlady

Exactly the same! Is the pattern on these two items which I already have posted about here. A crazy pattern, full of all sorts of cats! I have been living surrounded by cats from the moment I came home after my birth. I can not imagine a life without my cats. Some will understand it, other won’t, but my cats mean so freaking much to me. Stroking and feeding them is not the only thing I do with them, I also communicate with them, give them love and comfort, and receiving it back from them. And this gives me so much goods especially during hard times. People have been calling me the crazy catlady, and because I know I am, I thought I’d buy these crazy items.

The items, a ‘grocery-inspired’ bag and a pair of tights are from different brands. The tights are from Celeste Stein and I bought them at my work vintage store Zipper where we have been selling tights and leggings from this brand, and so, also this pattern, for quite some time now. I liked it, but was not convinced purchasing it. The bag I found at Modcloth a something like a month ago, and I was amazed, it was the same pattern! These ‘old’ tights and then this new ‘grocery’ bag with the same pattern! It made me buying both the two items.

I combined them with my current favorite dress, the rough crochet dress which I bought at Boohoo (after the first time I visited that site, after that purchase I haven’t find great finds there anymore). My customized tanktop, bodycon-zipper-skirt, bunch of jewelry mixed in my ways and my new block-heels which I have also bought at Modcloth together with the bag.



Artistic view,

is pure esthetically,

it is about shape,

color, tonality, edges

and other elements,

irrespective of functionality.

the sensory experience as feelings.

‘The doctrine of beauty’

Part of notes of my study aesthetics, Olga Nunnink 2011

Odd combinations that strangely are a perfect match

You have to be a bit crazy, dare to step out the box, to come up with looks like this. I myself love it A lot! Here some inspiration of the runway. This collection showed both edgy and less extreme combinations.

Suno RTW Fall 2011

To shop: this time vintage from Etsy stores

And try to think ‘cut and paste’ as in ‘cut and customize’ on these combinations.. You could make sick outfits! These are all random vintage finds so it does not have to be expensive.