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Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Born as Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

15 October 1938 — 2 August 1997

Acryl on 30 x 40 cm Canvas © Olga ‘Olnuzola’ Nunnink

My favorite musician and composer and developer of one of my favorite music genres, afrobeat, Fela Kuti.
My interest in him began something like 4 years ago, when I found an album called Red Hot + Riot: The Music and Spirit of Fela Kuti. Which is a music compilation project produced by Paul Heck of the Red Hot Organization. The album, takes inspiration from the late Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, and featured more than three dozen artists on a score of tracks. Including to name just a few, Common, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Wunmi, Kelis and many more. I was really into the jazzy hiphop in those days so through these hiphop artists I came to the root, Fela.

After getting absolutely addicted to this album (which never have faded since) I started to do some research about this Fela, and found more of his music and I loved it, so deeply! I have been growing up with a musician dad, who composed his own music as well, playing mainly the flute and who’s sound was all jazz. I recognize these specific sounds in african music, and so also in afrobeat. Although it is different, it has these same rhythms that again are not the same, but still give me this inner, like really deep, comfort and recognition as if it reminds me of home. I was hooked.

Later I wanted to know more, and go further than just the rhythms but also know what he was talking about. (I tend to listen more to the music and rhythms itself than to lyrics in general) But I wanted to know.. So I start reading books about Fela. I have read Fela: This Bitch of a Life by Carlos Moore and Fela: From West Africa to West Broadway by Trevor Schoonmaker, Yomi Durotoye, Vivien Goldman and Sola Olorunyomi. And also watched a documentary and other archive video material of him. I was really intrigued by him. And found out, that some of his physiological views I thought where beautiful, and others made me so mad. But I did not care, this man, was so amazingly special, for many reasons. And his music touched my soul.

So for that reason, I made this portrait of him above a few months ago which I have exposed during my first exposition.

Stripes & Pepita

And again I find this garment at work and I can not resist not buying it. These pants, made out of a nice and comfy/ soft cotton, with this great great pattern of stripes with even greater colors! So bright. In general, I tend to wear more clothes that I find great looking than clothes in which I feel comfortable, but these pants are so comfy! I am always playing with silhouettes and always choose a part of my body to accentuate with body-con fit and combining this with volume at the other (half) part of my body. So here I wear this loose/wide pants, with a fitted jersey longsleeve-top.

The shoes are my favorite working vintage boots. Also found at work (Zipper Amsterdam). I miss wearing heels quite much, but standing 4 days in a row in a store without an actual good break in heels, is no option. And these shoes help me getting through a lot of these days.

I love my ankh jewelry and here I am only wearing one earring, and a different earring with the same blue as in the stripes of the pants, in my other ear. Both vintage from my neighbors store “Marbles”. And two beads necklaces which I found on a random stand in Haarlem. And my signature scarfs/headwear.

And then this jacket. Which I bought something like one and a half year ago in a thrift store, it was only 2,50Euro I believe. I still love these colors so much and it went perfectly with these pants.

A nother pair of

Could not resist them ..

ASOS TURTLE Suede Wraparound High Shoeboot

“Suede high shoe boot. Featuring strap to the front, cutout section, and lace up main with wraparound detail to the ankle, high chunky heel, and pull tab to reverse.”

Upper: Suede – Lining & Sock: PU / leather – Sole: Resin -Heel height: 14cm (5.8 inches) – Platform height: 3.5cm (1.6 inches)

Dear shoes, I am looking forward to wear you guys soon! I hope that you can give my feet some extra comfort, as you have (quite much) high heels, and I would like to be able to wear you as long as I please without having too much pain, Love, Olga.

my furry cuddle kids

My model Luna

And my siamese Boris

Lola is super duper shy so I could not really capture her very well, I had to zoom in so this is the best shot I could make, lol

*new goodies*

New beads necklaces from an african man and his stand standing randomly on the street in Haarlem

Vintage sunglasses by Rodenstock, an amazing model! and amazing colors. The lilac is the new one, the brown I already bought more than a half year ago (at my work, vintage store Zipper at Amsterdam). I could nog resist not buying the other color as well.

Simphiwe Dana

Simphiwe Dana, singer and writer from South Africa tells (Music Exclusive in an interview) that her music is a journey of self-discovery and that she calls it ‘soul music’, not because it falls in a certain genre, but because it is music that you can feel. And I love that, because that is what means much to me as well. Feelings that I have with certain aspects in life such as expressing and discovering myself in my art, my looks and I love music in which I feel that the maker of it has that with their music. And also that I, myself feel something deeper in that music, true.. Soul Music.

I must say that I also found music of her that I did not really liked. But I did wanted to dedicate the post my “Music” of this week to her.

Her best music-video (Nderedi). I love the black&yellow visual part!

Like in this song (Ilolo), the whole vibe I love, but there is also something that is wrong, that is not correctly done and that disturbs me a bit.


Pick A Color

A striking look seen on RTW Fall 2011 collections, a one color outfit.
A fun look which not much people might wear in daily life, I have mentioned this look in previous collections, so it isn’t a new look on the runways, but it would be interesting if people dare to wear it from now on.

Giambattista Valli – Costume National – Damir Doma

Acne – Betty Jackson – Hakaan

Brioni – Blumarine – Alberta Ferretti

Akris – Gucci – Costume National

Images from

Like I said, this is nothing new, look at these images, from the 60s and 70s.

February 1973 – US Vogue & July 1972 – US Vogue

15th February 1966 – US Vogue & February 1967 – UK Vogue

images from CiaoVogue

my most recent made portrait

Of Edie Sedgwick (April 20, 1943 – November 16, 1971), famous of becoming famous because of modeling in Andy Warhol’s movies. It-girl of the 60’s. Watching “Factory Girl” touched me deep and made me want to know more about Edie(‘s history) and also inspired me to paint a portrait of her.

It was a also a small assignment I got for a fanzine that was released during the event “Bladenbal 2011” from LFTFLD, shown below.

Uncommon mix

This shirt, I found something like 8 months ago (I think). This pattern is amazing! the color combination is so unique and the print itself is quite uncommon as well. It is a shirt from the brand “Tribes, from the land of the braves.

A mens shirt it is and I adore it. I have been wearing it with a black skirt as well but now I felt like wearing it with another interesting pattern.

These vintage trousers, from the brand She, Europe with a typical 90’s flower pattern (Think Kelly from “Saved by the bell”)

Super cute, mega 90s and mad summery. I was like why not combining them?

Finished with these vintage “Rodenstock” Sunglasses (which is my second pair I already had one in a brown/salmonish color and could not resist not buying this lilac color as well)

And my new nude Forever21 shoes”, great basic for the summer!


Last week I found this bag with this amazing cat-pattern on ModCloth, which has the exact pattern as tights and leggings of Celeste Stein which we have been selling in our vintage store Zipper for years already. I always loved the tights with this particular pattern. Thought about buying it as sort of serious joke (lol serious joke? what am I saying? well anyhow) because I am that crazy cat lady, but still had not bought it. Until I found this bag, from a total different brand, from a total different time, but with the same pattern! :D

Fun fun Fun

Soon pictures of my outfit including these!

My new BerryBlockHeels

Are finally arrived! (came to the conclusion that UPS sucks) Bought them at Modcloth, together with the cat-pattern bag this was my first purchase at this shop.

All man-made materials – Faux Suede – Heel measures 4.5 inches. Platform measures 1 inch – Adjustable ankle strap.

I adore the color and the shape a lot. I have been wanting a nice new block heel pump for quite some time but couldn’t find one that I 1. can afford, and 2. is affordable but nice looking as well. The where only $39,something and funny fact, the are from the (cheap) brand Miss Me which we are selling in Zipper as well. I did not even noticed that until I opened my package and saw the box, lol.

Shangaan (electro)

I recently discovered this new genre (thanks to one of the guys of l’afrique som syteme”) and I fall in love immediately. The combination of the traditional shangaan sounds and the new electro sounds are just great. It got me in this sort of trance and I have been listening to it non-stop when I was finishing my painting collection for my first exposition last february (read about it here) and it gave my such great energy. I could focus really good and it wasn’t distracting me while working, as some ‘background’ music does. I could not resist keeping my belly and but still and danced while painting. Also I could imagine that this would give me a true energy boost and adrenaline rush when I would suddenly hear this in a club. But unfortunately I won’t expect to hear this in Amsterdam’s clubs any time soon. Read below some more info about this music and it’s people and watch a selection of the (in South-Africa) well-known artists.

The Shangaan people living along the Limpopo River in South Africa have recently gained a significant amount of attention for their low-tech, lo-fi electronic dance music. Shangaan electro has been pioneered by South African producer ‘Dog.’ Source: wikipedia

Nozinja is the kingpin of the Shangaan electro scene and has been since 2005. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard anything about this genre, it only really exists in the Shangaani areas of South Africa. Shangaan electro is characterised by an ultra fast-pace (180BPM and up), sped-up vocal samples, marimbas, digital beats, synths and afro-centric melodies. It barely exists outside of Soweto but does exist in other parts of the country where the Shangaani people are from in Limpopo for example. DVDs are the primary medium in which the music is shared as the accompanying dancing is just as important as the music. For now, Youtube videos are the primary way of spreading the phenomenon. Source: nialler9

I like that girl in the third vid (left bellow) at 3.37

An everyday life interiors magazine


My new (well sort of new I discovered it somewhere in september?) favorite magazine! It spoke to me in the racks full of mags because of it’s outstanding size, long and thin and thick and because of it’s interesting cover. It is, first of all, full of inspiring pictures of unique architecture, interior styling, artistic people and other rare objects. Next thing, the text content, visual and immersive stories of the people and their, “unique architecture, interior styling, etc.”. Truly amazing! I really really enjoyed reading it and bought the/my second issue a couple of weeks ago and decided to share this great magazine with you guys!

Check it out!
Apartamento – an everyday life interiors magazine
Apartamento – an everyday life interiors magazine
Apartamento – an everyday life interiors magazine

random thoughts (in dutch)

Pastel Pallet

A style that I like this season/upcoming season. Here is some gathered inspiration:

photo by Denise Gahn

Runway Fall 2011

Gabriele Colangelo & Dries van Noten

Dries van Noten & Proenza Schouler

To shop: this time from Topshop

photo by +++ponyrock+++

Expo at Cinnamon Wednesdays

Still had not posted this because I have been working on the new website, but on february the 23th I had my first exposition. It was a special evening, the ‘d’Afrique’ edition of the 2-weekely Cinnamon Wednesdays. An evening full of good vibes with artistic people, poetry acts, music acts, ánd an exposition of a visual artist or photographer. Shishani (who unfortunately could not be there on this night because of her trip to Namibia), one of the organizers of this night asked me if I wanted to expose during the d’Afrique’ edition, and I was flattered. I have such affinity with Africa (as people who know me, know) and so, selected some of my paintings for this expo, and made 6 more paintings the week before including three portraits (which I wanted to make anyway, but specially wanted to paint for this exposition) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Emperor Haile Selassie the first and Waris Dirie. Three people that I wanted to give some extra attention because of different reasons.

Here are some photos of the night to give an impression. The photos of my paintings are sadly not very good, but I will post each painting on my blog with a little story about it ánd you can see them on my Art Portfolio by clicking the link under the header of my website. A lot of friends where there to support me, there was amazing life african music, some poets and Poema Jones had a little stand with her own-made jewelry. It was a great night!

I had to give a little speech of course

Me, Stephanie (one of my besties) and Kno’Ledge Cesare

Riddims and the portraits with Wilma standing in front them

Friends and my boyfriend Shamiro

The Horn, nice

Second from left, sweetheart Clarice, one of the organizers and second from right, darling Heidi, gorgeous women!

Guy in knit-cardigan, good friend Claudio


cinnamon wednesdays on facebook

black & yellow

as a bee

picture by Kevin Collins

A typical me, lot’s of ethnic necklaces (combined with a total different style of necklace(ses) + accentuated waist + black + another color (in this case yellow) + legs

So what am I wearing exactly?

from head to toe, “John Lennon” black round sunglasses from Zipper, vintage industrial earring from the IJ-hallen customized by adding a Tiger-eye stone and a safety-pin, Ankh earring, Black wooden beads necklace from a random stand of a random african guy in Haarlem, Black Agat-Rhinestone beads necklace present from love, brown bone and beads necklace present from love, plastic thrifted black and yellow beads necklace from the IJ-hallen, black and gold mirror necklace from a shop in Harajuku, Japan, black tanktop from Pieces customized (cutted) by cutting some, customized snake print legging from Costume Dept, yellow vintage belt with studs from Zipper, vintage mustard linen male blouse from Zipper, vintage leather&fabric with dior-ish heels lace-up boots from Zipper and the bra is from H&M it is my all-time-favorite bra <3

bzz bzz


Finally online!

New website
New layout
New chapter is my second domain, my first was Before that I have been hosted for several years and well, have been active in the online world for quite some time. And things have certainly changed. As I myself have been getting older and have been growing from a young girl to a young woman, my world around me have changed too. I still have similar interests, but these have developed, and so has my website.

I did my best to make this website cleaner and give it a higher, more professional quality and look.

The content includes my art- and styling portfolio, a little ‘about’ info and of course my blog.

The blog is different now as well. Because I will be posting posts daily from now on! with the following schedule:

Monday – My looks

Tuesday – My art

Wednesday – Trends

Thursday – My Thoughts

Friday – Support/ Must see!

Saturday – Music

Sunday – Random

As I visit other blogs myself as well, I know that it’s the best thing when these bloggers (of the blogs that I really enjoy reading) post entries on a daily basis. It keeps you coming back and you know that there is always something new. And I came to the idea to not only post every day, but also post a certain subject on that particular day as the schedule above. I hope you guys like my new concept!

Here a sneak-peak of the upcoming subjects for this week (week 21).

So welcome to my online world, take a look around and get back on monday when the real kick-off is !

and feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the new website! :)