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There is no getting away from!

The years 2000, we have now been trough 10 years of the new century. The thing that I find interesting is that specifically these 10 years, have been repeating the last 100 years in which fashion has been developing enormously, and did this in a vision of the ‘time of now’. The phenomenon vintage has bloomed into a style itself, a style of personal styles. An age in which more and more people have choices en possibilities to create their own personal style by combining all these styles together. There have been created new styles as well, with futuristic elements, from architectonic- to simplistic designs. And the combination of these too is what intrigues me really. As if it is some sort of buffer between the closure (and a renewal) of a time that has passed and the beginning of a new period in which the fashion will be changing even more crucial then most of us would expect now.

The period of 20 years ago, which so, can be seen as vintage now. And which lays far enough away from us to repeat it in a new vision, is of course the 90’s. There is no getting away from it. I find it quite logical, and even predictable, but also fun! The first years when the 90’s (which actually, brought us a lot of ugly-ty as well) died out, no body wants to even think about it anymore. Understandable, it has been enough. But then, after 20 years, the recognition feels great, and it gives us the “Riiiight!” and “Wow, do you remember these?” feeling. I like it. And also this Pre-Fall 2011 collection of Emanuel Ungaro. Amazing photos! So graphical and neat, so feminine slightly dull, but in a way that it still gets your attention. The 90’s, there is no getting away from it! Lets enjoy this last piece of repeating and renewal of the last years of the 21th century!

Emanuel Ungaro
Pre-Fall 2011


F• ck this is amazing!

Amato Haute Couture

• Models: Sanita,Militza, Jana, Marina and Kristina
• Photography: Tina Patni
• Make-up: Ginno Alducente
• Hair: Jojo Padua
• Creative Direction/Styling: Furne One
• Assisted by: Toby Lavares

found on fashionising, official website

90’s friends

I couldn’t help myself to buy me these amazing 90’s friends; faux snake leather ancle boots with fur border. I promised myself not to buy anything this month, but I failed.

Factorygirl by Olnuzola