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victor kunonga


It’s ya girl …


but not me but Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan!

I watched this movie last week and it is crazy how much her style reminds me of mine, some people have been telling me so now and then that I look like Madonna, and I must say I do see it myself, I think we both have the same skull-structure and composition in the face, as well as the same hair. And in this movie when she’s wearing all these expressive 80’s stuff that I love so much as is somewhat scary yet amazing to see. Although my style is more mixed with ethnic influences and her’s in D.S.S. more with Rock,Punk.

Like I was wearing this exact outfit last summer but then with shorter leggings (above the knee) and my shirt which had this exact color and I had cut it short as well was saying in black letters: Jamaica .. and I was wearing different shoes but I also had the leftover of the cutted shirt bonded in my hair like that.. it’s crazy

more pictures of our live art act

making the basic figure

starting each on adding our own patterns on one wing..

And then it was time to switch, here Lot is about to fill up the wing I started with

I improvised an outfit of a rough piece of linen we had and we started to fill in our model:

More pictures of the result two posts back!

Bricklane StreetSnap

While I was in London, walking through Bricklane, slightly being hungover and feeling actually more sick(ish) after eating a half disgusting “Ribb-meat-wrap”, photographer Miki Takahira asked me if she could make a picture of me for at-scelta‘s “World Street Snap”. And here it is:

Live Art Act

Yesterday me and my friend Lot did a live art act at the club 8 in Amsterdam. Her friend arranged this party and asked her, and then they asked me to join Lot to do live art! We had a lot of fun making it. Lot and my style are quiet similar, yet still very different. But our way of illustrate is scarely a like. We both have this thing with ethnic patterns and in doing this we have different styles, but mixing it makes it art which looks like if it’s from one artist, it is crazy how it flows together.

We also where able to use a model to make part of our art piece and I improvised clothing from the same fabric we used to make our own canvas, styled it and we began to paint on her as well.. it was great!


FELA! London trip

Last weekend the weekend of december the 11th, me and my friends Stephanie, Angela and Hesdy went to London, mainly to see, feel, hear and be as close as we can be at the Shrine with his creator, the creator of Afrobeat and the multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, inspirer, motivator, supporter, freedom fighter, lover, and human rights activist, Fela “Anikulapo” Kuti’s tribute musical: FELA!

The first 10 minutes I couldn’t help myself to shut some tears, the music always have touched me, but now that I heard it while watching the actors dance, I felt so emotional, it was beautiful! Sahr Ngaujah plays the lead role in the play. He did such an amazing job! At first I wasn’t expecting to feel like I was really looking at Fela, but more enjoy the whole vibe, music ofcourse, dance and fashion. But Sahr was amazing, on stage he IS Fela. Offstage he is a great person as well, he is a friend of Hesdy, and so we had a great time together after the show as well! Was really nice meeting him.



The rest of the weekend was great too. We hadn’t done something special, but we enjoyed ourselfs and had a great time overseas!


Done some modeling little while ago for Les Uns et Les Autre.

To be specifically for their theme-party: Hola Chola.

I enjoyed doing this shoot, I had a lot of fun

Check out their facebook

Winter nailart

Jutka & Riska

featured me on their blog:

“Haarlem represent! Olga Nunnink

The weather these last few days just turned incredible! Global warming: YEAH right…. Freezing toes, haircuts that don’t stand these low temperatures, have you also tried to lock your bike with your poor frozen fingers? Nevertheless there’s one great thing about the polar climate entering our continent: we can finally show off our big, furry, warm winterproof coats! Just do like Olga: this way you will look just as gorgeous and fashionable while shuffling through the slippery snow covered streets coming week. Olga is a 23 year old stylist from Amsterdam and has a great fashion/style blog of her own which is definitely worth checking out while warming up with a hot cup of cocoa.”

Me in my new best friend, the best (vintage) Suede-Avant-Garde-Winter-Coat ever, found at the IJ-hallen Amsterdam

Which is also worth checking is Jutka & Riska (right back at ya!), one of my favorite stores.
Usually I visit their branch in Amsterdam, but last week I visisted their store in Haarlem; both great!
They sell the cutes vintage finds, new unique vintage inspired brands and they have their own interesting fashion designers that design clothes for their store their selfs! Their store is mad full of amazing accessory as well and very well styled! I tend to buy (too much, lol) all my clothing at my own work (vintage store “Zipper”) or online, but I should lent for a little while and save up some money to get back to a real-life shopping adventure and that will definitely start at Jutka & Riska! Visit their blog here.