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Olnu Art from October 2010

Fela Docu

Native 90’s

Part two of ethnic/native combined with 90‘s stuff. I am in love with both and I can not get enough of combining them. Here I am wearing this cute 90s navy suit that consist out of a leather jacket with golden heart buttons and the leather skirt. I have this suit for quite some time now and I am not wearing it too much so that everytime I find it in my closet it keeps being a pleasant surprise. I combined it with this amazing wrapped native skirt that I have once found on an Etsy store. It has also blue in it and these two things (the suit and the skirt) caught my eye as a color theme and so I styled the rest on these. Which is this cute leather braid belt with beads, a great thrift find, only had cost me like 1 Euro and some of my favorite jewelry Indian and African. The scarf and leggings both from Pieces (I hate Pieces, I have been working there just cos I needed a job and get paid, but they have great basics!) Also some (actually over-the-knee but here shortened) socks from the Black Market in Beverwijk. And of course the well known leather wedges from Zara (read a whole rant story about this horrible Zara adventure here.


I wanted to post this earlier but had forgotten about it.

Neil Barrett

RTW Spring 2011
I LOVE it!

Plain – Clean – Neutral – White – Nude – Black – Basic yet Feminine.

What interests me in this collection is mainly the fact that I love how the simple minimalistic outfits are still made new and interesting. I am a big fan of body-consciousness looks, also I tend to start to peek an new interest eye on the more wide, new silhouette. And you both find it in this collection. Long legs! I love it. Very fresh I say at last.

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