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Autumn forrest fairy soldier

Velvet, a while ago I saw this fabric coming back in fashion world. Known for it’s rich and warm look. Associated with nobility because of its origin that lays in Bagdad, where Kashmiri merchants developed this fabric to dress their ruler Harun al-Rashid. Later velvet travelled to Europe where it also became a must for their nobilities such as King Richard II of England in 1399. Other rich people followed this fashion-trend and started to wear velvet to expose their status as being important and powerful.

Now I am not rich, nor nobel but I just felt like wearing this gorgeous fabric so I bought a piece and made it a legging. It’s not a very well made garment, but hay it’s neat and it’s mine.

I am wearing these with a perfect vintage-find, a black blouse with black velour upper front and back piece. The rest is sheered, and finished with fake bling buttons, SO 80’s! I love this one, and normally I prefer to wear it without a top underneath it, with a high waist something, which is so classy sexy, only that part of skin showed. But today it was too cold for that so.

And that is my checkered slightly fur-ish hat from Harajuku where I was having an interesting time, september last year. I am also wearing a self-made feather earring which I had posted about in this post. And I also wearing these leaf-earrings (shop picture here.) . And the boots you already know :)

wow red eyes O_O ^

Me in Art

This artist asked me if he could use some of my pictures in his art work and a few days later I received these:

Kat Fonseca**Olga Nunnink (me) **Doutzen Kroes** & Kat and Olga (me) By Rudy Beerens

Hermès spring 2011

Ethnic 80’s

Ethnic 80’s, the title is as well a title you could give to my personal style. My style contains more than just 80’s and Ethnic influences, but you could definitely say that these two are, the main influences. Here the high hairstyle (my signature) is inspired by africa and of course the beads necklace is a true african necklace best known from the Masai style. The earrings and combination of the orange bodystocking and blue vest give the 80’s view on my look because of the bright color combination and not to forget the big buttons on the vest. The strong points of the bodystocking’s collar and the earrings are made for eachother! I am not a trousers/pants lover, although I bought a couple of pairs of 80’s highwaist loose trousers lately, I don’t feel comfortable wearing pants in general. Especially the normal models such as these or as Jeans. But of course everybody should own a pair of black neat pants and so do I, and today I loved wearing them in this outfit. The high over-the-knee heels I bought in Harajuku/Japan last year and still am enjoying them very much!

dad I miss u still and I always will

illustration i made a little while ago


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