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Habib Koité- I Ka Barra

Behind the screen

Me (second from left) and fellow models on latest fashionshow from Monika Blažević.
I will post more pictures from this day so now and then..

one of the few summer days

fooling around with two images from last summer

wearing: 2 layers of self-cut-off leggings & basic tanktop from Pieces, vintage rough crochet piece/worn as scarf, necklaces (my favorite mix of two from Nepal (one new and one vintage and one with Agat rhinestone beads) & leather belt/strap a worn as necklace, army booties with gummy block-heel from River Island and “John Lennon”/round-retro glasses from Zipper.

fave new additions of RTW spring 2011 of the day

Pastle in the sky

Of course I know it’s pastel. But I wanted to title this look something that has to do with clouds/sky/sun (because the sun and clouds where coming and going and it kinda drove me nuts because it wasn’t really good for this little shoot and I didn’t had much time either so, I wanted to add that to the title, BUT, this look is all about wearing pastels this season and then I suddenly came up with “Pastle in the sky” referring to “Castle in the sky”, a japanese anime movie which I tried to watch twice, since the intro looked so awesome, but fall asleep on twice as well!

I am wearing more favorite garments; the silk blouse with the text: “Age of Discovery” on the back. This color I couldn’t find on the color-add-widget it is this amazing combination of pink and rust I’d say. And the text was also a winner for me that made me buy it immediately.

The pants bought at my work: Zipper (vintage) Amsterdam, are one of my favorites as well. I am a big fan of these 80s high-waist loose pants. But I don’t like every model of them. Some look SO unflattering on the back or some silhouettes are looking way too much as clowns. This one though stole my heart/money. Gorgeous color (which I couldn’t find in the color-add-widget either/ soft dreamy/creamy pink) and beautiful fit!

+ Crushed/Self destroyed tank top/ My beloved necklaces: (small black jewels=present from love, silver from Nepal with coins and silver vintage “I-don’t-know-what-but-it-looks-amazing-necklace”. 80’s gold/diamond and black clip earrings.

+ These amazing vintage avant-garde glasses by Rodenstock.

+ My new balck Booties with faded details or wine red background, current killer detail on shoes/boots ! We all have seen the seventies model of Alexander Wang!! But these are army/dr. martins-ish.

New booties

Now at zipper

drawing while skyping with marlis

Z spoke by Zac Posen spring 2011

what is the what

Currently reading: “What is the What” (Wat is de Wat/ in Dutch)

The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng is a 2006 novel written by Dave Eggers. It is based on the real life story of Valentino Achak Deng, a Sudanese refugee and member of the Lost Boys of Sudan program.

As a boy, Deng is separated from his family during the Second Sudanese Civil War when the Arab militia, referred to as murahaleen (which is Arabic for traveller), wipes out his Dinka village, Marial Bai. He flees on foot with a group of other young boys, (the “Lost Boys”), encountering great danger and terrible hardship along the way to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. Their inflated expectations are shattered by the conditions at the camp, and eventually they are forced to flee to another refugee camp in Kakuma, after the Ethiopian dictator is overthrown and soldiers open fire on them. They make it to Kenya and finally, years later, he moves to the United States. The story is told in parallel to subsequent hardships in the United States. (source wikipedia)

I rather read books than watch the news. I certainly am interested in a caring way in the cruelness and suffering of people all around the world. I do care, and I want to spend time to get to know more about it when I feel like it, when I feel like making the time to stand still and think about these people. And learn about their history. Rather then being brainwashed by the news and being frightened OR not full being informed how it really is going on on these certain places with certain victims. And again, being more thankful for the good things that happen in my life, although I have been going through tough shit for a young women living in Europe/ in such a “rich and prosperous” country, I still can see that I can be thankful for the things I do have, and the freedom I have to live.

It is a thick book, I am somewhere at the half of it now. I think it is well written, although I find the flashbacks and switching of times a bit disappointed. Because I sometimes lose track, while I was so in it at first. But, there still is another half to read so maybe at the end of the book I feel different about this.

Achak Deng, thank you for sharing your story.

upcoming trend

Suno Spring 2011