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lookbooks featured me

A small week ago I was invited to join this ‘another online fashion platform’ But now after a few days I take that ‘another’ back, because I am loving it! I mention myself coming back regularly and am looking forward to new features, streetstyles, modelbeauties and more.

And today they featured me as “the look of the day” : Vintage Vamp ! I am loving that title, thank you Lookbooks! (Hilary Beck) (Click image to visit website).

Rust Oxford

Just opened this new arrived overseas purchased vintage goodie booties. I adore them, I adore their color and their overall look. Too bad they fit a bit too small, I could wear them some time tho, but not for a long heavy day unfortunately, that was however the reason why I had bought these. Cute booties where I could work on as well. But oh well I might wear them a few times and who knows you can be able to wear them as well as I am selling it again on my own Etsy store which is still going to come!

vintage rust colored leather boots from lady 80 vintage


linkoftheday: Manoush

Manoush.. the name says it already is a gypsy-ish, ultra girly and as well a kind of Japanese kawaii-ish fashion brand with an super cute website. You truly enter this pink gypsy world full of clickable image links and glitters and flying love birds. And then again you hear this girly (imagine a girl in a ‘manoush’ dress on her soft-yellow bike cycling through Paris with a pink flower in her hair) french tune. Mix of all kinds of cuteness it seems. This is not my personal thing at all, in like I wouldn’t wear their clothes, but I sure enjoyed browsing through their girly site. And I can imagine that this brand would be really hot in Asia, just to give you an pre-thought. below some garments and accessory out of their collection. very detailed and über cute or super kawaii or whatever.. haha you should check it out!


In love with the ‘Rust-trend-color’ I bought these wedges last week at Asos.
Today I picked them up at the local post-office and tried them on, They are my new best friends! I love their color, material (suede) and their fit! I am even wearing them at home now. They match my vintage genuine vest which I have for a long time already but which I’m not wearing that much, however I am love it. They also match my little Ghanaian bag, which my friend Stephanie bought me in Ghana. Yesterday I woke up at my love’s house and hadn’t really something fresh to wear so I bought these leggings at my work (where I just have quite btw) Pieces. I really like them actually with it’s black-stretch-band on the waist, back-pockets and horse-riding-pant stitches. And not to forget this 80’s shoulder-pad slouchy vest! OMG I went crazy when I saw this at Etsy.. ! I am wearing not too much accessories which are 2 different wooden earrings and a soft-leopard-sheer-ish scarf worn as head-wrap and a black painted bone+wood necklace which I bought at one of my favorite shops: Jutka & Riska in Amsterdam.

The painting in the background is mine, and still under construction..

wearing: 1. Vintage 80s Shoulder-pad Slouchy Vest, bought at Etsy 2. Vintage 70’s genuine-leather button vest, bought at Etsy – 3. Pam Hip Mocca Leggings, bought at Pieces4.Rust Brown Wedge Suede Boots, bought at Asos5. African/Ghanaian Leather Bag, present from friend Stephanie. + two different wooden earrings, Black-painted-Bone+Wood Necklace and Soft-leopardprint-scarf worn as headwrap.


I always LOVE wildfox’ shoots. The clothing itself is alright.. but the shoots! I find amazing. Here another one: Wildfox’ newest: Wildfox Jeans. I adore the reallife/reality/realness of the photos. The roughness and the location. Great work wildfox!

(via ilovewildfox)

the lady on the beach painting

Another ‘work in progress’.. I’ve been working on this painting for quite some time now, not that it takes me a lot time to actually work/paint on it.. but sometimes I work on it, leave it for days/weeks and then get back to it, and I do that with several paintings. There are however also paintings that I make in one day. But anyways this is where I am now.

“Untitled” acrylic on 60 x 35 canvas © Olga Nunnink

Rusty Feet

Since I am in love with the Fall’s trend colors, which include rust, I wanted to have some new booties in that particular color as well and I found them on Asos. These “ASOS ARCTIC Suede Crepe Wedges With Shearling Effect” are my new faves, because of their look but also because of their fit! They feel amazing and I believe these are good wedges for a good adventure.

No news but New views

I already knew this broadway show existed.. saw videos of it.. but not this one yet.
And everything new that has to do with Fela I will like and post, so..

Fela London Trailer from FELA! London on Vimeo.

omg 6 november London.. Stephanie??????!

Sweet memory

my love on canvas

Haven’t posted work of mine in a while.. here’s a portrait I made of my love Shamiro the other day

still under construction
Portrait Shamiro, Acrylic on 20×30 canvas © Olga Nunnink

The endless story about Lace and Wine

This vintage lace blouse I bought last year at an Etsy store.. I think this is one of my favorite garments. It is so gorgeous, I love the details: cute buttons and lace and satin borders and the fabric itself has this lovely sheer. The High-waisted-jeans-short I bought last year as well as I was by then already loving the high-waisted-shorts and trousers.. I still can’t get enough of them either. I am hyped up about this fall trend-color: Wine. The Vivienne Westwood knee-socks I (again) bought last September in Japan and I freaking loved the color.. I bought some tights in that color as well and now I can combine them with more as with this vintage jacket which is made from a lovely soft shiny fabric with a beautiful subtle pattern on it. these combined with great vintage long earrings with pearls (which matched the buttons of the blouse which are pearly as well) and with this cute vintage purse which my friend gave me the other day..

wearing: 1. Vintage lace romance blouse, bought at Etsy – 2. Vintage-high-waist-jeans-short, bought at Etsy – 3. Vintage purse, present from friend Marlis – 4. Over-the-knee-socks bought at the Black Market in Beverwijk – 5. Knee-socks by Vivienne Westwood bought at Takashimaya Tokyo Japan – 6. Rough Knitted Legwarmers by Pieces – 7. White Lacque Pumps by Cafe Moda – 8. Vintage wine color jacket with golden buttons bought at Zipper Amsterdam – 9. Vintage golden earrings with pears bought at Joosje Amsterdam.


I’d like to float around on my platform heels
into that world of energy and calmness

Yes into that world of the perfect balance
I’ll go there and stay forever

thE color:Rust fall2010

One of my favorite trend colors this season, Rust! It’s so warm, and yeah it is a stereotypical autumn color, but I don’t care. I adore the feeling that it gives me; warm, comfortable and (somewhat, because I still want to be able to visit the beach) ready for fall. Plus it matched my love for hippy and folklorish outfits.

1. Vivienne Westwood Dolce Vita Leather Shopper Bag €833.81 at Asos2.Textured Leather Gloves by Prada €198.00 Yoox3.Vintage Rust Oxford Booties $35.00 Just purchased at Etsy at Lady804.Turtleneck Sleeveless Knit Short Dress by Maison Martin Margiela 1 €184.00 Yoox5.Burned Orange Vintage Trousers $56.00 Tractordog6.50s Rust Velvet Cap $32.00 TheGreedySeaGull7.Wool Hat by Forte Forte €230.00 Yoox8.Textured Leather High Boots by Gucci €518.00 Yoox9.Vintage Satin Bodysuit by Unknown – 10.Burned Red Leggings by Maison Martin Margiela €148.00 Yoox11.Vintage Earrings from Unknown – 12.Rabbit Fur Hat by Forte Forte €98.00 Yoox13.Suede Wedges by ASOS Arctic €71.79 Just purchased at Asos14.Large Leather Bag by Maison Martin Margiela €430.00 Yoox. Rust Photograpy by Jef Schoors.


Pattern that Pattern!


Nice and Warm Fall2010

Capes and Wrap-Arounds in knitwear, solid, aztec patterns and checkerd patterns.

Vogue Germany- September 2010
(via studded hearts

1. ASOS Intarsia Pattern Hooded Cape from €34,41, 2. Pringle of Scottland from, 3. J.CREW Celine plaid wool poncho from – $800.69, 4. ASOS Bright Pattern Snood from – €26.47, 5. BLACK / GREY / TAN KNIT CAPE from – $398,-, 6. MISSONI Sciarpa mohair and wool-blend vest from – $300,-.

Eniko Mihalik : Muse Spring 2010

faves out of the clubbin images from last weekend

me and my girl Stephanie back from Ghana (she brought that little bag for me) ^^ at a beachparty at Timboektoe/Wijk Aan Zee

me and my love which I love so much ^^ at “Blockparty” Club Up/Amsterdam