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Old brown leather with Golden security

Cleandirty lace Romance

Self-styling – self-modeling – self-photography – self-makeup & hair styling

wearing: vintage lace top/ etsy-online + vintage cardigan as skirt / Zipper- Amsterdam + over-the-knee-socks – Black market – Beverwijk

Oh Jeffrey …….

|nsp|re *men*



I haven’t been active at this years Amsterdam International’s Fashion Week at all.. but I went to this small event Trash & Treasures .. vintage market. I was late though, because I came straight from work. I made some flicks and found a treasure: brown/cognac leather vintage heels, photo soon to be seen.

Streetfashion Designer Blazin Bell was selling bright-colored-pattern shorts with a lot of african-wax-fabric, here with her dog, madcute daughter Roots and her love Rene. Be on the lookout for her upcoming online-store!

In the middle Naphtaly Rooi (girl with grey hat) , owner of Poloroyt where I soon will be styling for.

When I left I found this really dope restaurant which I forgot the name from, I will be going there soon.. Look at this chill: + I saw this mother cat feeding her baby who is almost as big as herself..

Painting day

summer2010 Character

Stayin Chill but not gettin Chill

Chilling at the park (westerpark) and it’s getting Chiller, what do you do, you make sure you continue feeling comfortable and chill but not chill ya digg. I had this black sweater (Which I had bought in a thrift-store for 1,50 Euro! lol) in my bag and felt like customizing it at that certain moment. So I took my tiny scissors and start to work trough the garment, my friend Marlis suggested to make pictures and here they are:

wearing: customized black sweater + denim-highwaist-shorts + necklace from Nepal + Aghaat-beads-necklace from Love + 80s clip earrings + under the sweater I’m wearing one of my fave black-lace-bra’s with a customized tanktop.

DIY Skirt + Fave Shirt

Featured by “The Clothes Whisperer” during her trip to Amsterdam

I was searching for some food during my working day at the other Zipper (vintage Amsterdam) Branch at the Nieuwe Hoogstraat..


Kenzo 2010 Fall

Manga Girl Sets Hair Trend

People are talking about Little Pony and Some other cartoons.. but for me it’s the Manga girls who are probably the inspiration to these looks, here’s my collage:


Quick Clubbin



Bootie Cooler

Woman & Man


I didn’t knew what to wear..
I slept over at Love’s house
But that wasn’t prepared..
So I hadn’t brought clothes for the new day,
Luckily I found this suede skirt
And cut a tank-top and a fabric in a way
Now I was ready for this new day and started to walk

wearing: Brown suede skirt, present from mother in law – Customised tank-top with linen fabric layer – Native bone necklace, present from love – vintage earrings, Jutka&Riska – Brazillian leather sandals, Zipper Vintage store