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Grover Washington

Jeremy Laing

Link of the day

The owner of Lacquerized, a Dutch 26 year old nail-polish freak has the most amazing website all and only about nail-polish and everything that has to do with nail-care and nail-beauty. I kept browsing through page and page and reading about the best tips for beautifull and healthy nails and viewing the most pretty pictures of polished nails..

The weather keeps being cold and sort of warm in one

I’m getting sick of this weather.. You don’t know what to expect. When leaving the house the sun is shining and it feels sort of warm (still way too cold for this time of the year) but alright.. so you leave while believing it is going to be a summery or alright springish day, when after a couple of hours the weather changes and it start to get cold and sometimes rain! What to wear what to wear.. something warm or something naked.

wearing: DIY woolen sweater (vintage from Bij-Ons-Vintage), Linen High-waist shorts from Jutka & Riska, Smashes Sheer Black Tights, Vintage shoes from Joosje, Scarf worn as headwrap from Pieces.


Hay.. this

Miss Wax Jewelry


Old Illustration

Fisherman’s Sweater Women

Backstage pictures by Hanneli from a short film by Poppy De Villeneuve


Hairstyling by Brent Lawler.

Check out the video,


Sparkling Grace May 2010


Loving my work at Zipper, 2-branched vintage store in Amsterdam, selling 20’s-80’s vintage, customised clothing and new brands. Planning on posting more about our collection, and planning to use some of the collection in my upcoming styling work this summer 2010.

The Orange Glass Makes The World Look Warmer

Wearing: Orange Elton John Glasses, 10Euro from Zipper, Amsterdam – Orange + Gold Vintage Necklace, 29Euro from Jutka&Riska, Amsterdam – Black Fringe Multi-Garment, 2Euro, IJ-hallen, Amsterdam – Shortened Highwaist Vintage Jeans, ?Euro, Etsy.

BBQ with mum on sunday

Mum and I had a little quality time last sunday.. we where chilling in the sun in our backyard all day, and all outta sudden she put some chicken-drumsticks on our bbq and opened a bottle of wine..



Found these pictures just now, my camera’s battery was lost and I found it today and these where still on it.. totaly forgot that I took them..

wearing flower-pattern-tights, stretchy-tube-dress (Pieces) and MAD avant-garde vintage platform heels