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Pink blossom in the blue sky


Fashionshow Kieu Vuong

The Pink & Blue Project

photographer JeongMee Yoon

Yoon explains:
The Pink and Blue Projects were initiated by my five-year-old daughter, who loves the color pink so much that she wanted to wear only pink clothes and play with only pink toys and objects. I discovered that my daughter’s case was not unusual. In the United States, South Korea and elsewhere, most young girls love pink clothing, accessories and toys. This phenomenon is widespread among children of various ethnic groups regardless of their cultural backgrounds. Perhaps it is the influence of pervasive commercial advertisements aimed at little girls and their parents, such as the universally popular Barbie and Hello Kitty merchandise that has developed into a modern trend. Girls train subconsciously and unconsciously to wear the color pink in order to look feminine.

He photographed girls and boys in their rooms complete covered by their pink or blue clothes and toys, from the United States, South Korea and elsewhere ..
Check out the pink/blue project: here

Waris Dirie – Desert Flower

I just finished this great great story of Waris Dirie ..

Waris Dirie was born into a nomadic clan in Gaalkacyo, Somalia in 1965. At the age she had suffered on a Somalian tradition of female cicumsicion. At the age of thirteen she escaped from her father who wanted her to marry a much older man. She had a chance to go to London and work as a maid at her uncles house. While working at Mc. Donalds, she was discovered as a model. In a few years she blossomed into a top model who worked all over the world. In 1997, Waris abandoned her modeling career to focus on her work against female circumcision. That same year, she was appointed UN Special Ambassador for the Elimination of Female Genital Mutilation.

In this book (1998) Waris tells her story, and it really hit my soul.. I have so much respect for her strength! and that she has accomplished so much and still is fighting for all the women who are still today, suffering from this horrifiyng tradition. I am planning to donate money to a good organisation who are truly making a difference and who are truly have the ability to stop this again ridiculous tradition. A lot of love goes out to you Waris!

Georgia Anne Muldrow – Sunset

Vivienne Westwood and me

wearing vintage plaid shirt, customized leggings, 1 stone-red tights, 1 black flower pattern tights, socks by vivienne westwood, DIY multi-jewel

Granny Flowers

One of my addictions is internet(window)shopping. I can spend hours by just browsing through internet shops and especially vintage. This diversion of styles really inspire me, and a lot of the items which I love I bookmark, or I save the image on my laptop. Quite often I find out that I have collected several ‘look-a-like’ items, and at these moments I feel a trend coming up. This time I found several items, with a “Granny Flower” pattern on it. Super cute!

Januari in my room in Januari

wearing: Bodystocking by Mango, Customized vintage trousers, Native Feather Earring bought in Harajuku, Japan, Leahter Shoes by Karl Lagerfeld

Shoot Kieu Vuong

Last Monday I did a shoot for Kieu Vuong.. was a long day; started at 10 am stopped at 11 pm. But had a lot of fun!
It was her final collection which she made for her graduation at AMFI. I modelled at her show the week before too. I personally do not find the whole shoot very strong because I feel like I can’t really find a red line in it. The pictures are all very different and I feel like that they each show a different feeling and theme. Too much difference if you’d ask me. But oh well I was just the model and I did what they asked me. I do love this smoking picture!

Designer Kieu Vuong
Photographer Aisha


Kieu fashionshow backstage Part 1

Last week I modelled for a graduation fashion show for my friend Kieu Vuong. She is graduating at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, a school which I only wanted to study at for one year.. but she finished it! I’m so proud of her! I will post more about this later. Backstage photo’s by my girl Marlis Sluijter / backstage photo’s by some other Photographer and photo’s of the show itself are soon to come!

Ordinary Sundays

So I was sitting and drinking a Moccacino while looking out of the window of the CoffeeCompany throughout the white and snowey Damsquare, right before I was going to my Model Agency Real Models’. When all outta sudden this sweet girl called Jenny asked me if I’d come outside and model for her brand ‘Ordinary Sundays’/ Silk Scarf, so she could post it on her website at the “Street-spotted” section.

Jean Michel Basquiat

Jean Michel Basquiat .. my favorite artist .. learned about him in 2006
When I was inspired by his work wich I had found in a huge art book.
I had to chose an arist and an artform to use as inspiration for a design for a fashionshow for my last year at my MBO Fashion education. I searched for ‘Graffity-ish’ artists and I found something way better. After I saw his work I did research about Jean Michel and from that moment he was my favorite artist.

Jean Michel Basquait, Acrylic on 30×30 canvas by Olga Nunnink ©

Marlis my bestie

I was planning to make more portraits for quite some time now, and this evening I did one of my best friend Marlies (Marlis). Lately my life is so strange.. it’s hectic and sort of standing still at the same time. I feel weak and down regulary and spend a lot of time at home (mums or boyfriends house) I haven’t seen Marlis as much as I used to, and a couple a days ago I really wanted to tell her how I felt about it. This portrait is some extra love from me to her, and I am going to give it to her tomorro.

“Marlis” my best friend – Acrylic and pencil on paper by Olga Nunnink ©


Sunday ..
Lazy day ..

I am home alone and was drinking tea on the couch with a soft pillow at my side and the heater on because it’s still cold outside. Cats are sleeping at a warm place too and I am enjoying being home today. Yet the sun started to shine in a way I haven’t seen in a while. As if the sun was telling the world the toughest winter time is over now and I will melt all that ice so everybody can start to grow again just like blossom in spring. Well It cheered me up because I do am somewhat weak for the so called ‘winter-depressions’ and I am so so looking forward to spring almost more than ever. So I decided to get some more garments on and go to a small forrest near my house and bring my camera with me so I can capture the moments. The moments where I look deeper and sniff up fresh sunny air to gain more energy.

Nightcap Words out of Thoughts (in dutch)


D&G Spring 2010 Western Lolita

D&G made one my fave Spring 2010 RTW collections!
lot of ruffled skirts, fringe boots!, deep-brown leather belts, white lace, faded denim and Mickey Mouse? weird but so cute!

HouseDance Forever Dancebattle

19/12/09 Trouw Amsterdam

My dear friend Sjaan and her love Claudio took me to this great great dancebattle in the Trouw Compound in Amsterdam. It was beautiful! there was such a greaaat vibe and so many nationalities, there where people from all over the world and everybody got his chance to represent their country or their city and at the end we decided to feel as one and the battle begun. The last three dancers had each to pick one of the three jury members, which excisted out: Which Way Sha (New York), Byron Cox (New York) and Rabah Otrip House (Paris).

This little girl Groovey was one of my big faves and eventually she’d also won! Congrats to her.. she was so cute but soooo talented too! it was fantastic to see.

The things I did NOT like about the battle was first the fact that my girl Groovey had to battle her last battle before she had to pick a jury member to another fave dancer of mine. I forgot his name tho. It was an african guy and he showed a lot of his roots in his dancing! He was soo good.. wow I freaking love african dancing. You see this in most house dancers styles because African riddems are the roots of house, but this guy .. ahh man.. I didn’t wanted them to battle to eachother..cos there could only win one of them ofcourse. I thougth they where both as good. I guess the crowd chose Groovey because she danced as good as the guy but she was cute too! lol

second. I reaaaaaly felt Capella had to win from Which Way Sha!! point blank.

third. I reaaaaaly felt Jury member Byron had to win from Nadia ..MAD!

well ne ways check it out..


btw you see me sitting at the left in the middle at 13.59 hehe