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Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides

Whoaa.. so warm.. so full of feel good. I was watching a youtube vid of this cute lady who was showing hair tutorials..and as the background music she added Thievery Corporation. And I loved it! So I browsed this band on youtube still ofcourse, and I love every track of them.. They also have a lot of dub tracks..

When I found this video, I instantly felt all summery, and I’m sooo looking forward to spring/summer.. I was talking about this with a friend yesterday, that I’m such a summer person.. and I do like Fall and Winter.. but every year at this time.. I long for summer seriously.. I just feel down and a bit depressed now and then and it’s no problem to put these feelings away and get back on track..but still it taking energy of me.. and I can’t wait to feel the sun warmth..and have the possibility to do more outside again… and travel and make roadtrips just like in this video.

Christmas 2009

Soon to be mine

back in the day

picture found
back in the day
recieving something like I think a walkman!
and look all the drawings at the wall
and the painting easel

music and art all the way babe


Love and I have been floating and spacin in his studio last tuesday till late in the morning..
(read painting/drinking/smoking/dancing)
I was/ am so happy

to be continued
more pics coming