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Inspiring Person #2 this week

Ryder E. Robison

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Saw this picture of him and his house and his art and his stuff..and it felt so comfortable and familar when looking at it.. The artistic vibe I just feel by just looking at his place, reminds me of the artistic vibe I feel in my mother’s place, where I am still living. And I ofcourse will take this vibe to my own house one day too..and even personalise it more .. I’m so looking forward to that!

But anyways.. his art I like too.. a lot of brown colors, special type of material where he paints on (old paper, see-through-plastic-in-an-old-frame, kinda things)
A lot of animals he paints and illustrates: bee’s, flies, owls..

Archive Material

Just found an old illustration of mine..during my
Glad I found it back.. Thought I’d share it with you guys..

Haven’t done illustrating lately..
Mayby I’ll get back to it soon.

Big Ups .. Jordan Betten


Jordan Betten is the character behind Lost Art and Betten Art. Gorgeos leather crafts he makes, with a lot of feathers and natural (coloured) beads, which obviously creates a real Native American style, where I myself have lots of love and interest for..

I just wrote in his bio about his style-books.. I wish I could see them sometime, such an inspiration ..

Besides fashion he also paints.. and I really like his style.. He paints women quite often and his color themes give me an african feeling.. Which reminds me of my own paintings. Altho our work is very different.
Read his bio here

Searching for Paint Is not Hard at My Place

Style captured in week 42 2009

That is why I got so much love for my mama’s home and family..cos this is how I grew up ..
Love the artistic people
Love my artistic family

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feelgood Tunes

Calm Anger in October

Style captured in week 41 2009

Mixed emotions in autumn 2009
Anger ..
Sadness ..
I change them into Calmness..

I got love for the love people give me
I got shit for the hate people give me

RIP Amon
Strength for my Brother ..
I Love you Dennis!

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Harajuku Japan part 3 (of 3)

The last part of my Japan/traveling/posting..
Our last days in Japan we’d spend in Harajuku..
The well-known Japanese-extreme-fashion-district.
Which for me was really dissapointing..point blank

I mean I was looking forward to the extreme fashion freaks.. But all I saw ..where styles which I already had seen for a thousand times in all these Harajuku-style-books.. for something like 3 years or longer already..

These people only wear these styles on sundays (sometimes on a couple other days too) and it’s more like a happening once a week than a lifestyle.. where the youngsters put on their harajuku lolita/gothic/or sort of new rave outfits.. and show theirselfs on the streets..

Totaly NOT innovating.. and I didn’t even found the outfits beautifull/nice or interesting..
I’m really dissapointed.. sorry it was all just one big mess! In my opinion.. People where making more pictures of me than I wanted to take of them.. lol

But anyways still it was a nice experience.. we went shopping ofcourse ..and Also saw a beauifull park near the centrum called Yoyogi Park.. with beautifull Shrines and stuff…

NailArt by ARG

some purchases recieved just now

Nothing special
just some random purchases ..
Jamaica Tee .. looove
some thingies which Im going to use for self-made jewelery ..


You where on your way ..
On your way to me ..
I unactivated some senses ..
I focused on us ..
I looked into my heart ..
and then my hands start to move ..
I looked up and I saw this ..