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Kyoto .. Japan part 2 (of 3)

2 Hours trip by the Shinkansen Bullet train took us to another part of Japan .. Kyoto.
While we where planning to go here ..My mind showed me images of the peacefull, calm part of Japan, nature, temples and tea-drinking-geisha’s (which I had already seen in Sjinjuku though) and more of that traditional view we all might have of Japan. Well I have seen them all.. but not only that, Kyoto is a big city! (my lack of research ..I just didn’t really got into doing research about Kyoto) .. So it was everything you want to see about Japan..

The city.. (not as neonlight-ish as Sjinjuku) but full of fashionable ladies.. all wearing stylish hairdo’s..painted in brown or (dark) blonde.. kawaii (cute) lacey skirts and “wide-black-eye-make-up” ..all looking inspired by the west..
I’ve seen a lot of adventurous alleys.. mysterious lights.. restaurants..which look quite private in Japan.. from outside people can’t really look inside, most restaurants’ entrees are via small typical-japanese-styled-alleys with japanese paper lamps or candles, bamboo mats or walls.. and when arriving at the actual door.. you have to open up a curtain or slide-door.. and you’ll enter a small hall where visitors must take off their shoes. Then a waitress will accompany you to your table.. So thus at this last fase.. you’ll be able to see the actual restaurant for the first time…

There is a great balance between traditional wooden compounds/houses with bamboo shutters and Japanese lamps.. && Modern architecture with neon lights and metalic-material shaped buildings..

We stayed here for a couple a days, first night we stayed at the Okura Hotel ..
2nd night more downtown in another Hotel which had another plastic-bathroom (wall/floor/tub..all out of one piece of plastic
2nd day we went to the Golden Temple by bus .. (where you have to pay when leaving the
The Temple is fantastic..and I really loved the enviroment around the compound.. the lake with her japanese tree’s around it.. it was magical!

Last day we visited the Manga Musem.. where we wheren’t allowed to make photographs.. but I still had a chance to make one of this huge Manga statue.. We also went some more shoppin…and I’ve been styling Danielle :D .. We also hooked up.. (or actually they hooked up with us..) with Atsu and Bunshou .. Atsu, who just got back from living in Cali for 10 years.. ofcourse spoke English.. (finaly! cos Japanese people just can’t speak English at all..period) We went to this cute bar of some of their friends.. got ourselfs some food and wine ..and talked till late..

Kyoto was my favorite part of Japan.. I considered this place to be the realest.. I think because I loved the balance so much..
I myself.. also love the city life && nature.. and here in Kyoto ..I have found it all Japanese style

Full Crate – 80’s Sugar ft. Mar

WHoo Whoo WHoo!
this is too cute ..
my boys Narek, Franklin and Ingmar
aka Full Crate, FS Green and Mar..
are unstoppable!! :D:D
their new vid 80’s Sugar..
(that sounds like me.. sorry.. lol!)
love for u guys ..

Full Crate – 80’s Sugar ft. Mar from Full Crate on Vimeo.

Mixing Monthly Millionaires present:
Full Crate + Mar + FS Green in
80s Sugar ft. Mar (Prod. by Full Crate)

Directed by Eric 3000
Camera + Editing by Justus Engelbracht
Camera assist. + Grip by Patrick Ebu-Mordi
Styling by Mountainwood
Production by William P. Woodcole


Sjinjuku Tokyo.. Japan part 1 (of 3)

First dope district we visited after arriving in Japan last week
was Sjinjuku..
The neonlights-city ..with crazy anime advertising,
arcade-halls (wHUT a noise! O_O), people walking around with mouth-caps which freaked me the fuck out..cos I was like.. are we doing the right thing by NOT wearing them? but most people didn’t either we figured we’d be alright..

Sjinjuku’s Japanese-punkers (men)
with their crazy hairdo.. black&white outfits and trashy bling bling the punk look might be nice.. but then the ‘finishing touches’ they add.. such as skull bling necklaces and feminine bling belt-buckles and ..depilated eyebrows O_O .. was my conclusion about their fashion style.. eh… no also because they ALL look the SAME! their is no such thing as innovation (which I had expected about Japan fashion) or diversity ..
I still had to visit Harajuku.. so I kept hope.. lol ..
but naw still a great experience.. a LOT to see.. the culture is so different than Europe.. !
I became extra aware of the rushing (european/dutch) city-woman I am.. cos these people aren’t.. at all..

We ran into this super cute ice-cream company called Razzle Berry.. Where a loud theme song was played.. which was something like .. “Razzle Berriehie … Tastes so nice..” in High-Japanese-Kawaii-Women-Vocals .. and this! it reminded me a bit to our Swirls.. you can pick all kinds of ingredients with your icecream.. and the ingredients here where shown at the menu as gems .. so cute! I ordered a “Cute” (size small, medium was “Sexy” which I ordered later in the week and big was “Glamourous”) Cream and Berry icecream with Oreo’s/Strawberries/Chocolate Dip toppings..

more about the Japan trip (Kyoto & Harajuku) will follow…

TOmorro TO TOkyo

Today I’ve been packing for tomorro..
I will be flying 12 hours to the other side of the world called Japan!
I’m SO excited!!

I tried to not pack my suitcase too full.. so it won’t be too heavy
+ so I can get put more things in it on my way back home ..

I’m looking forward to the contrast ..
To the chaotic-citylife
To the peacefull nature
To the weird snacks
To the relaxing tea
To the striking lights
To the cherry blossoms (which I won’t see cos its autumn ..awh :()
To the fashion people
To the traditional people
To the skyscrapers
To the temples
To the cityalleys
To the gardens

yes… tomorro
Thank you Danielle ..for making this possible <3


a clothing line representing the only thing that counts
and the only thing that works ..
the only thing truly matters to human kind.. and let them live in cheer

Imani Waddy (Musician and visual artist) set up this message by this clothing line
to create a possibility to truly “spread the word of love” by wearing these shirts with the simplistic symbols: triangle, circle, triangle, square ..

Which got my attention next to the fact that I’m a big love lover..
was also the music .. > Afta-1 .. which for me sounds perfect to meditate on and
let the positive energy flow through my body ..


I also really liked the shoots they took.. where was played with by reflecting and turning certain angles of items of the picture’s backgrounds ..

Check out the site I’d say..!
Ofcourse Love can be given and spread without a clothing-line which includes Tee’s with simple symbols .. But still I love the concept and the presentation of it..

Ras Sa Far I

Style captured in week 36 2009

Ras Sa Far I
Inspi Ratioon By
Matha Naytyah
Cyaan Forget
De Patturns of Ahfricah
I got Mad Luv for Yu

also seen on

Mind meditation in the otherside

chillin/ being lazy with my lady Marlis..
Trippin on the dopest sounds (dub/house/afro mix)
smoking splifs and drinking coffee..

made me write this